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Devil's Bargain

UPDATED: Supernatural fans may want to brush up on season 1 ahead of the show’s final episodes of season 8.

With four episodes left to go, executive producer Jeremy Carver tells EW that fans can expect several “blasts from the past” to appear in the final episodes, including Sarah Blake (Taylor Cole), who we last saw in the 19th episode of the first season (the haunted painting-themed “Provenance”), and at least one more, who will come from even earlier in the show’s history.

“These blasts from the past are related to the trials and not in a very good way,” he teases. “I can tell you that if you think we’re going far back [in the show’s history] with Sarah, keep going. We go back further than Sarah.”

Meanwhile, Carver dishes that the end of the current season will see some resolution to this season’s major arc, which in recent weeks has found Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) completing series of complex trials in order to close the gates of Hell. (Not up to date? Refresh with our recaps.)

“Inevitably, this is all leading to a big conclusion with Crowley,” he says. “I think we’re going to see Crowley rising to a new level of ruthlessness we haven’t seen before in order to defend himself and his kingdom, as it were.”

He adds: “I think we’re going to see Crowley presented with a new twist on things that will effect him forever, as well.”

The next new episode of Supernatural, titled “Pac-Man Fever,” airs April 24 on the CW. EW shared a First Look at the episode, which marks the return of Felicia Day’s Charlie, last week. See that photo here.

Clarification: The returns cited above will occur in the final episodes of the season, and are not necessarily finale specific, per Carver.


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