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UPDATE: NBC has announced it will preempt tonight’s episode of Revolution for a news special covering the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

ORIGINAL POST: Tonight’s episode of NBC’s Revolution is an important one for fans who’ve been wondering what Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) cut out of her dead son Danny’s body. “That scene was horrible,” Mitchell says, looking book on filming the twist. “The thing about acting is that most of it is reacting. You have people in the room. In this case, there’s this kid. I was crazy about him. He hung out with my son. We were always together. So there’s this kid, and he’s dead in front of you, and you’re taking out a capsule. It’s one of the worst things you could imagine. But as far as that piece of technology goes, it’s such a great mystery. We explain exactly what that thing was in tonight’s episode and why it’s so important to all of us.”

Fans seeking answers to the romantic history between Rachel and Miles (Billy Burke), her dead husband’s brother with whom she shared a lip-lock last episode, will have to wait a bit longer. “Someone wrote, and I really loved it, ‘That wasn’t an I’ve always wanted to kiss, it was a full-on relapse kiss.’ I thought that was perfectly said,” Mitchell says. “About three episodes from now, we get a lot of insight into what happened. It’s not particularly pretty. It’s deep, and sad, and messy, just the way we like TV to be.” Mitchell has known a bit of the back story. “I’m so nosy, and I kept asking specific questions,” she says. “I do a lot of ‘What ifs…’ ‘Can I say that?’ A lot of times, they’re like, ‘Good idea!'” she says, laughing. “Other times, they’re like, ‘Uh, it’s more like this.’ A lot of times they’ll just come clean with it, especially if it’s character specific and we’re not gonna go around and share that with everybody else. With the Miles thing, because it is very important and there’s a lot of focus on it, I knew a little bit more.”

The cast wrapped the season four-and-a-half days ago, Mitchell says. “I think it’s enormously satisfying,” she says of the finale script. “We lay out a lot of things in the next episodes, and the build up gets higher, and higher, and higher, and higher. And there is a peak. I love a good peak.”

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