* Tom Cruise is attached to star in an adaptation of Chohel Kamayashi's Japanese sci-fi series Yukikaze. In the first book, when a porthole to another dimension opens up over Antarctica, hostile aliens (known as the JAM) start pouring through and a special combat force is created to force the JAM back through the porthole. The story revolves around Second Lieutenant Rei Fukai, who must travel solo through the passageway to gather as much information on the JAM as he can. "Yukikaze" refers to the call sign for his fighter plane, his only companion. Warner Bros. acquired the series and will distribute the film as well. Cruise is coming off of a particularly good weekend with the $61 million international opening for Oblivion and is probably even more eager for Doug Liman's sci-fi pic All You Need is Kill to hit theaters on March 7, 2014. Cruise is also still in talks to star in an adaptation of the 60s television show The Man From U.N.C.L.E. [Deadline]

* In The Other Woman, Nikolaj Coster Waldau's character is cheating on his wife (Leslie Mann) and his girlfriend (Cameron Diaz), if that logic is even possible. That other, other woman might be played by supermodel Kate Upton, who is currently in talks to join the film. When Diaz's character finds out that she's not Waldau's only affair, she teams up with his wife to enact revenge. Upton, 20, appeared previously in The Three Stooges and Tower Heist. Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook) will direct the project. [Variety]

* Chicago Fire's Taylor Kinney is also in talks to star in The Other Woman. Because why stop at Nikolaj Coster Waldau? [Deadline]

* Adultery is one thing, but what if you found out your cat was leading a secret double life with another owner? In Murder of a Cat, that's what happens. Twilight alum Nikki Reed has just joined the cast of Gillian Greene's directorial debut alongside Fran Kranz (The Cabin in the Woods), Greg Kinnear, and J.K. Simmons. Greene's husband Sam Raimi is producing. [Deadline]

* Kelly Reilly, whom you may remember from Flight or Sherlock Holmes, has been cast in Randall Wallace's (Braveheart scribe, Secretariat director) Heaven is for Real. The film is based on a New York Times bestseller about a young boy who tells his parents stories of heaven after a near-death experience. Greg Kinnear will play Reilly's character's husband — the Pastor Todd Burpo who co-wrote the book. [Deadline]

* The Ninja Turtles have found their Splinter. Danny Woodburn (Mirror Mirror) will play the wise rat in the Michael Bay-produced update. [Deadline]

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