Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza rushed the stage at last night’s MTV Movie Awards while Will Ferrell was accepting the Comic Genius Award and was later escorted out of the venue by the head of Viacom security.

Plaza attempted to take Ferrell’s award out of his hand, but he held tight to the Golden Popcorn. When he asked if she was okay, she said “yup” and awkwardly retreated to her seat. During the commercial break that followed, Plaza was escorted from her front-row seat by MTV executives and security and off the Sony Pictures Studios lot, where the awards were held.

MTV reports she was cooperative with security when they removed her from the venue.

The actress was well-behaved when she sat down with MTV on Wednesday for a Q&A session following a screening of her August film The To-Do List, the name of which was scrawled across her chest when she rushed the Movie Awards stage. Perhaps she was hoping for a bit of free viral marketing?

The incident certainly recalls Kanye West’s famous stage-rush of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Heck, early this morning, Plaza herself tweeted, “Thanks for the advice @kanyewest went better than planned! #mtvmovieawards #chrisbosh #thesecret.”

Check it out below.

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