Find out what we're loving this month — then stream the songs online!

By EW Staff
Updated April 12, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

? PHOSPHORESCENT ”Ride On/Right On” A fuzzed-up garage rocker with excellent indie–Tom Petty vibes.

? PRINCE ”Let’s Go Crazy (Remix)” His Purpleness reinvents his 1984 classic as a chugging, head-shop-friendly psych blowout.

? CHARLI XCX ”You (Ha Ha Ha)” Snaky, mesmerizing glitch-pop from the U.K.-scene starlet who penned Icona Pop’s ”I Love It.”

? TEGAN AND SARA ”Goodbye, Goodbye” The pixieish pop sisters know bad romance like nobody else, but they’re just gonna go ahead and skate the pain away at the roller rink.

? LADY ”Money” An awesome Stax-style R&B throwback that sweetly reprimands a trifling gold-digger.

? JUNIP ”Your Life Your Call” Swedes do it better — if ”it” is earwormy, gorgeously layered indie-pop.

? KACEY MUSGRAVES ”Step Off” Memo to haters: This Nashville rebel has your number — and an addictive little banjo melody to back it up.

? EARL SWEATSHIRT ”Whoa” Odd Future’s future references Harry Potter, Sears catalogs, and Wookiees without losing an ounce of swag.

? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ”Pusher Love Girl” If hot babe = drugs, JT doesn’t wanna go to rehab, like, ever.

? SAVAGES ”Husbands” Spiky, Siouxsie-esque chaos via much-buzzed all-girl post-punk outfit.

? ALICE SMITH ”Another Love” The young soul-jazz singer shows a bad boyfriend the door, with style.

? JAMES BLAKE ”Retrograde” Another eerie slab of electronic soul from the ethereal, angel-voiced Brit.

? WAVVES ”Demon to Lean On” The L.A. punks fully commit to ’90s nostalgia, mixing Blue Album Weezer with every-album Nirvana.

? CHANCE THE RAPPER ”Good Ass Intro” Such a perfect new-meets-old-school jam that his intro is our outro.