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Updated April 12, 2013 at 05:30 PM EDT

We asked, and you answered, PopWatchers. More than 150,000 passionate readers voted in the final contest that resulted in Glee‘s Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson defeating Doctor Who‘s most beloved romantic pairing to be named your Greatest TV Couple of All Time. In celebration of Klaine, who bested Marshall and Lily, Buffy and Spike, and Carrie and Big on their way to the crown — see the entire bracket here — we’ve rounded up the most essential songs (plus a bonus non-Klaine duet that, if we left it out, you would certainly savage us).

Below, a timeless, groundbreaking TV love story in six songs.


Honorable Mention: “One Hand, One Heart”

Episode: “The First Time” (305)

Why it’s lovely: Technically this West Side Story duet paired Blaine and Rachel, but it was also a beautiful way to show Kurt and Blaine’s first time together.

5. “Don’t Speak”

Episode: “The Break-Up” (404)

Why it’s lovely: Though the No Doubt cover also featured Finn and Rachel, Klaine broke our hearts the hardest. Unlike Finchel, they seemed like they’d beat the odds as high school sweethearts who would stick it out during the transition to college life and long-distance love. We thought their love was built to last. It would seem you agree, PopWatchers.

4. “I Have Nothing”

Episode: “Dance with Somebody” (317)

Why it’s lovely: After Kurt text-cheated on Blaine, he delivered a soul-baring apology by way of Whitney’s 1993 Bodyguard classic.

3. “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Episode: “A Very Glee Christmas” (210)

Why it’s lovely: Klaine duets on “White Christmas” and “Let It Snow” would follow as Glee made Christmas-themed episodes an annual gift, but this irresistibly charming first outing for the boys (not yet a couple) was special because it appeared during the first episode when Kurt admitted he had fallen in love with Blaine.

2. “Come What May”

Episode: “Girls (and Boys) on Film” (415)

Why it’s lovely: Klaine’s future wedding song. That is all.

1. “Teenage Dream”

Episodes: “The Break-Up” (404) and “Never Been Kissed” (206)

Why it’s lovely: Blaine prepared to admit he’d cheated after Kurt moved to New York by sitting down at a piano to perform a Katy Perry cover so stripped-down — both emotionally and instrumentally — that it evolved the song, shading it with a previously unnoticed sadness.

Why it’s lovely: Without that sadness, can we really appreciate true happiness of Klaine’s first meet-cute? This is the OG Klaine moment — love at first a cappella!

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