If the 2011 viral mashup “Breaking Bart” left you jonesing for another fusion of The Simpsons and Breaking Bad, you’re in luck, bitch! The opening credits of the animated Fox comedy this Sunday pay tribute to the AMC drug drama and one of its memorable sequences from season 5, which featured the 1969 song “Crystal Blue Persuasion.”

“The hardest part was making sure there were elements whose symbols were Th and Si,” says Simpsons exec producer Al Jean. “Once we had that, we were off to the races.”

Watch Marge cook up a batch of 99.1 percent pure cupcakes and build a tasty empire while Homer, clad in his Heisenberg disguise, lurks in the background (when he’s not napping on the sofa). The whole thing ends with a couch gag that perfectly marries two shows with truly frightening patriarchs.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has guested on the show, lending his voice to season 23’s “The Spy Who Learned Me.”

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