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Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of ‘Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites’.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Loved this episode, but I want to start with a procedural question for you about the reward challenge. We saw the purple team throw first, and the purple team was the first one to get to four points and were then declared the winners. But shouldn’t the orange team — since they were shown as having gone second — have been allowed one more throw to match and tie and possibly send the contest into another tiebreaker round? Or was there more to the competition that didn’t make it to the final edit?

JEFF PROBST: Good eyes. That match was originally played to five but due to so much great stuff happening in the episode we shaved it down to four points! You bring up an important point — there are times where we might reduce the number of total points played in a challenge but it obviously never changes the outcome. Whoever wins, wins. Sometimes we just have too much show and in this case, that’s a good thing!! I love how closely you watch our show and I always love it when you love an episode!

EW: Wow, this badass performance by Brenda in the immunity challenge was really the first we’ve even noticed her this season since we have barely heard two words out of the woman. What’s surprising about that is that she was considered the big breakout character from her previous season of Nicaragua. When you guys started putting these episodes together, were you surprised at how little she kept popping up?

PROBST: This season has been really tricky because we’ve had so many stories dominating the tribes. First we had Shamar, straight out of the gate being argumentative and then evacuated. Then we had Brandon with a somewhat similar story. All along we’ve had Phillip as the leader of Stealth R Us taking up a lot of screen time. So it’s really an issue of real estate in the show. I think you can always argue that we don’t include enough people in the stories and it would always be a fair argument. We love Brenda and though she has been quiet, she is still in the game so more opportunities to hear from her are coming!

EW: Okay, tell us your reaction when Malcolm — who is already sitting on one hidden immunity idol of his own — convinced Reynold (who was walking up to play the idol for himself) to give it to him instead.

PROBST: Brilliant. This is one of the big differences between Malcolm and Ozzy, with whom he is often compared. He learned a lot from playing the first time and he’s putting it to use. I don’t think it says anything negative about Reynold. Reynold, Malcolm and Eddie are scrambling, and from Reynold’s point of view it was a risky but worthy move. I love it when Tribal gets crazy. This isn’t the last crazy Tribal Council we’ll have!

EW: Uh-oh, previews for next week make it seem like Dawn’s emotional roller-coaster ride continues. What can you tell us about the next episode?

PROBST: Dawn has a very emotional situation in the next episode. It’s a situation that I think a lot of people, if they are truly honest with themselves, will be able to relate to. For Dawn it was a very tough afternoon.

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