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Lately, it seems like a day doesn't go by without Jennifer Lawrence winning something. (Just yesterday, the Oscar-winning Silver Linings Playbook actress was voted the celebrity people would most like to see in a sex tape.) Yet every time J-Law wins something, it means Rebel Wilson did not win that thing.

Wilson has a chance to reverse that trend at this weekend's MTV Movie Awards, where the Pitch Perfect star will not only be the host but also a three-time nominee. And while one of the categories pits her against Lawrence, Wilson tells us she's still got her fingers crossed: "I would just love to win one award!" Read on for the rest of our recent chat with Wilson, who tells us about getting hosting tips from Aziz Ansari, "accidentally" voting for Channing Tatum multiple times, and this Sunday's much-anticipated (albeit Anna Kendrick-lessPitch Perfect reunion.

EW: This is your first time hosting an awards show. Have you been asking seasoned hosts for advice?

REBEL WILSON: I cohosted one once — the Australian version of the Grammys, called the ARIAs — but this is, like, a whole different league. The audience is so much bigger — and so are the celebrities who come. So it's pretty cool to be attempting to host it. [laughs]

The other night, I spoke to Sacha Baron-Cohen, and also to Sarah Silverman. They gave me some pretty funny advice: "Don't tell MTV what you're going to do." That's what they said: "Have some secrets up your sleeve." I don't know if my comedy is as outrageous as theirs, but it's an interesting point.

I also talked Aziz [Ansari, who hosted the show in 2010]. He told me to test out my material beforehand, though he wouldn't let me do it on him — he wanted it to be a surprise! And he said to have lots of things planned, because any number of things could go wrong during a live show. So now I'm thinking, It's actually, like, really difficult to host this!

Well, you'll have some help from your Pitch Perfect castmates, since you guys will be opening the show together. 

We didn't know if we were going to be pulling it off [at first], but we the fans were demanding it! It's funny, I was just in a music meeting with the director, Jason Moore. We were brainstorming ideas of what the it could potentially be, what we could do for a fresh mash-up. So that's really exciting — I love all the people in the cast.

So you're nominated for a few categories. Do you have a plan in mind in case you win one — or if you don't?

We're actually talking about it, because I'm assuming I'm not going to win with all these awesome people nominated. Like, as if I'm going to beat Jennifer Lawrence? Somehow I don't think so! But then you do have to plan for what if you do win. You can't be caught in the middle of a costume change, come out, and then your skirt falls off!

But yeah, I think I'm up for like three different awards, but I would just love to win one award! [laughs] But I don't think if I will, there's very talented people in each of the categories. But all of us in Pitch Perfect are nominated for Best Musical Moment, so I hope we all get to win in that category. That'd be mad.

The show is famous for its unusual categories. Do you have a favorite one?

Well, there's a new category this year called Best Shirtless Performance. I think that's a pretty good category! But I guess what I like about this award show over other ones is that there's no technical awards. It's just awards for the A-listers — the people who everyone wants to see! There's no Best Short Animation. [laughs] I know those people who win that stuff are very talented, but most people watching at home don't want to see those types of awards, yeah? They want to see their favorite actors and actresses!

Have you voted in any of the categories yet — or for yourself?

It's tempting, but I always feel like you shouldn't vote for yourself. It's kind of like when you're in high school and you're in the running for president or something — you can't really write yourself in. I mean, you want to, but you shouldn't! But I did go on there and have a look, and when I saw Channing Tatum come up, I did feel like I have to vote for him, because I'm too obsessed with him. So I might've accidentally voted a few times for Channing Tatum for Best Shirtless.

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