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Updated April 11, 2013 at 02:52 PM EDT
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With most of civilization wiped out by an alien invasion, the ensuing nuclear counterattack, and the natural disasters triggered by the aforementioned war, Earth 2077, as imagined in the new Tom Cruise vehicle Oblivion, is a pretty bleak and empty place.

“When Joe [Kosinski, director] first told me the ideas for what this world would look like, I was instantly pulled in,” Tom Cruise told EW on the black carpet at the film’s U.S. premiere last night at the Dolby Theatre. “I thought seeing iconic landmarks retaken by the Earth would be cool visuals and very different than how we normally see the future portrayed in films. And I loved that despite how destroyed the planet was, my character still found beauty in it.”

As sparse as this future is, it still contains plenty of another sci-fi staple — cool gadgets and transportation — from the aerodynamic ship with rotating driver’s seat and the killer spheres with sniper skills to the future food and exercise tread-wheel found in the most amazing live/work space in the sky. While the cast and crew all agreed that they could do without the war of the worlds, they did wish they could have brought some of the movie’s currently un-invented tech back from the future.

Below are their picks for which toy of tomorrow they’d most like to own today:

Tom Cruise: “Well, they gave me the bike to bring back from the future so I have that. But the sky house was so amazing. It has this modern, streamlined and clean aesthetic, and it has an emotion to it as you watch the film. I loved the windows and the way the light poured in. And that floating swimming pool? Forget about it. Please be the future, please.”

Morgan Freeman: “I would get one of those [points to the bubble-ship prop used in the film that was on display]. I could make it home in record time in one of those.”

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: “For a future so bleak, there are a lot of cool gadgets, so it is hard to choose really. There’s the plane. There’s the drones. But probably the motorcycle. Tom has this beautiful bike in the film that matches his plane and his leather outfit. It’s a cool ride.” [By the way, Tom got to keep said motorcycle.] “Of course he did. Because he can. Because he’s Tom Cruise. You know there is some basement somewhere, or some warehouse, filled with gadgets from Tom’s films. That would be the best episode of Storage Wars ever. There’d be a guy saying nervously, ‘I just spent my last $1,200 on this locker. I better get something good.’ And then the door opens up and there’s the sunglasses from Top Gun and the gadgets from Mission: Impossible.”

Olga Kurylenko: “I really liked the bubble ship and the way it moved. Can you imagine if there were a couple of those flying around the sky? If we could all have one and fly those instead of driving cars — well actually we’d probably have tons of accidents, but it would look cool. And if I had one, I would pilot it. In the movie, Tom does all the driving and flying, so if I had my own, I would never get out of the driver’s seat.”

Andrea Riseborough: “The piece of healing equipment that cinches up your leg when you have a huge gash in it would be extremely useful. I live in Idaho and my guy is always dropping stuff on himself and cutting himself. He cut himself today in the kitchen, as a matter of fact, so that cincher would really come in handy. Men are wound prone. And small children too. I bet moms would love that technology. It would save them so many trips to hospital. Victoria [her character] spent her whole life in the glass box but had main dibs on the medical bag. I felt like that was my toy. That and my desk, which was essentially a huge iPad, that I believe controls the house, half the planet, my husband’s every move. Her whole life is micromanaged by that huge iPad of a desk.”

Zoë Bell: “I’m not going to lie, I would love to get a house in the clouds. I loved the modern look of it. I loved the see-through swimming pool. Even the exercise equipment was cool. I’ll take it. Where do I sign?”

Director/producer Joseph Kosinski; “Well considering it took me an hour and a half to get to the premiere in L.A. traffic, I think the obvious choice is the bubble ship. If I had one of those, I could definitely cut my commute down.”


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