'TEMPTATION ISLAND' Vanessa Williams and Kim Kardashian star in 'Tyler Perry's Temptation'
Credit: K.C. Bailey

There’s nothing subtle about a Tyler Perry movie. In his latest big-screen morality play, Temptation each scene is so predictable you can almost finish the actors’ lines for them. Scratch that, you?d probably come up with something better than they end up saying. This time out, the busy writer/director/producer reaches into his family-values grab bag to share the story of Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Brice (Lance Gross) — a seemingly happy couple who?ve been together since they were moony-eyed kids back on the farm, flirting against the wishes of Judith’s scripture-quoting battle-ax mother (Ella Joyce). After getting hitched, they move to the big city (Washington, D.C.) and set out on their careers. Brice is happy being a humble pharmacist; the more ambitious Judith lands a gig at a high-end millionaire matchmaker service as a relationship counselor, where she locks horns with a bitchy, materialistic co-worker (Kim Kardashian essentially playing Kim Kardashian) and her cartoonishly cougar-ish boss (Vanessa Williams doing her best Mae West routine). Then, one day, a smooth tech millionaire named Harley (Robbie Jones) comes into Judith?s office and relentlessly pursues her, flashing his ridiculous wealth and even more ridiculous abs. Poor Brice back at home doesn?t stand a chance. We all know where this is headed…but boy, does it take a long time to get there. The title of the film, Temptation, tells you exactly what Judith is grappling with here. And its Old Testament connotations let you know that the wicked will be punished before the end credits roll. A few wild, third-act twists give Perry’s middling melodrama some soap-opera kick. But all the finger-wagging sure does get tiring after a while. C+

Tyler Perry's Temptation
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