Darla Vade

Ah, so this is why neologists invented the word “geekgasm.” Action figure customizer Jamie Follis — known online as “Sillof” — has won legions of fans for his creative reimaginings of toys, which have cast the Avengers as Victorian-era heroes and the Justice League as steampunk creations.

Among those fans is comedian/geek hero Patton Oswalt, who partially based his character in Young Adult on Follis. After years of admiring his work, Oswalt recently gave Follis a new challenge: Transform the denizens of Star Wars into characters inspired by the works of pulp-master Russ Meyer, the director behind buxom ’60s campfests like Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! There was just one additional catch — since Meyer’s films were nearly all female-centric, Oswalt wanted the characters to be gender-flipped as well.

Follis aced the test with flying colors, creating a line of figures that retain bits of the Star Wars mythology but also have their own detailed backstories. “Lucy” (a.k.a. Luke Skywalker), for example, “longs to break free of the boring confines of the farm. She dreams of adventure, life on the open road, and boys.” Her beefy brother Leo “has the intellect God gave a bag of marbles and the muscles of a body builder.” And then there’s the villainous Darla Vade (pictured above): “An Amazon of a woman with a sadistic desire to tease men with her sexuality and then violently punish them. She is leading an all girl crew on a cross country crime spree of sex, violence, and robbery.” (For the record, the latter’s name was apparently Oswalt’s idea.)

Scroll through the whole set on Follis’s site — faster, Internet! Click! Click!

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