The absorbing and keenly observed vignettes of High Maintenance — a Web series that returns with a new “cycle” of episodes on April 20, a.k.a. the stoner’s Sabbath — seem to take place in the same stylistic universe as HBO’s Girls, as if depicting the unseen lives of that show’s background extras. Each episode features new characters, usually young semiprofessionals navigating the treacherous waters of real estate and socializing in New York City, and marijuana serves as the narrative string connecting the pearls. The one constant character is an often put-upon pot deliveryman played by co-creator Ben Sinclair, who glides in and out of these people’s everyday lives. Some episodes have all the insight and characterization of a great short story, such as ”Trixie,” about a couple renting out a room in their apartment to insufferable tenants, and ”Helen,” about a lonely gay man with romantic feelings for his dealer. They’re all well acted, wryly funny, and between 6 and 11 minutes long: the perfect dosage to leave you smiling, with no unpleasant aftereffects. ( A-

High Maintenance
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