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April 10, 2013 at 10:04 PM EDT

It takes a lot to shock Dallas fans, but seeing Pamela Barnes (Julie Gonzalo) and John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson) wed in Vegas this week — binding them and their respective shares in Barnes Global and Ewing Energies — did it. “I was sitting on a comfortable couch, and I was reading the episode,” Gonzalo says, “and I literally yelled, ‘WHAT? They’re marrying them already? No way!’ At first, I was like, ‘That’s so soon,’ but now I’m like, ‘That’s awesome. They’re brilliant.’ They’re a great duo and really complement each other. I don’t think it’s happily ever after for these two, at all. I think the fun has just started.” 

Gonzalo confirms there was no prenup. “That was the point of the marriage, so he can now own Barnes Global,” she says, “but what he doesn’t know is, oh wait, I own Southfork now,” she says, laughing. “That’s what I keep teasing Josh about. He’s like, ‘Well, I own Barnes Global,’ and I’m like, ‘Yes, and I own Southfork.'”

What kind of reaction will the union receive from Pamela’s father, Cliff Barnes, who thinks he’s succeeded in destroying the Ewings and isn’t aware that Pamela knows he’s responsible for the rig explosion that made her lose her twin babies? We’ll find out in Monday’s two-hour season finale, which will also reveal whether Victoria Principal has finally returned as Pam as well as who killed J.R. earlier this season. (“The ending is like, ‘Holy s—, this is amazing,'” Gonzalo promises. “I think the writers have outdone themselves.”)

But there’s at least one answer we may not get: Will Pamela and John Ross live at her place or at Southfork, which they now co-own with Bobby? “I have no idea,” Gonzalo says, laughing again. “I’m like, ‘So now we all will live here? I’m living with my ex-husband, and his girlfriend, and my new husband? I think that’s what people really do respond to, in a way: Seeing the dynamic when I have to go get a coffee, and it’s, ‘Oh… hey, ex-husband. I’m just on my way to my new husband.’ I really don’t know what the plans are with that, but it could be comedic.”

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