By Adam Carlson
Updated April 10, 2013 at 07:19 PM EDT

Bonjour and welcome to the first webisode of the third season of Awkward. The show’s season premiere is still days away (April 16), but MTV is down with the many youths, and EW staffers, who love the show, and is releasing a series of short clips to hype the new episodes.

In the first, we learn that school counselor Val is back from a “whirlwind tour of Europe” (she brought back a straw hat!) and is excited to give a group of incoming freshman the same treatment. Except this tour mostly just involves Val caring, like, a lot about the social lives of her students. Remember that lunch table where Jenna, Ming, and Tamara all sit?

Fun fact: There’s a lot of cringing. Are stripes-vest combos in? Follow (period) me (period).

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