How can I increase my number of Twitter followers? Am I making too much of a duck face in this profile pic? I could totally be a reality star, right? These are the questions of our times, and the last of them is at the heart of MTV’s Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous. The half-hour scripted comedy stars comedian Bo Burnham as Zach Stone, a self-absorbed dude with no discernible talents who has just graduated from high school. Instead of expanding his mind in college, he decides to expand his ego by trying to become a reality star and hires a camera crew to record his daily life for TV. This show is the result.

Check out the trailer below, and get your first glimpse of “the pre-celebrity” who is either going to wind up as a “famous writer, producer, actor, director, dancer, crab fisherman, slut,” or just plain broke. (Plus, Biff from Back to the Future as his dad!)

Zach Stone premieres May 2 at 10:30 p.m ET.

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