Miranda Lambert
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Miranda Lambert is always a class act when it comes to awards show speeches. She sweetly name-dropped every woman in her category during a CMA speech last November, and at this year’s ACM Awards, Lambert went out of her way to shine light on her female colleagues once again during her acceptance speech for Female Vocalist of the Year — especially Carrie Underwood, who has been shut out of multiple awards over the past year despite the success of her Blown Away album and tour.

“I for sure thought Carrie had it this year, and she damn well deserves it,” Lambert said at the top of her speech. “I’m not supposed to say that on TV,” she admitted. The simple comment is sure to earn Lambert some good will. Not only are some country fans slightly frustrated by the way Blake and Miranda (the reigning king and queen of Nashville) seem to win every award they’re nominated for, but a growing sense of frustration has begun to inundate the country community that Underwood doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.

With her last three singles, “Good Girl,” “Blown Away,” and “Two Black Cadillacs,” Underwood has been firing on all cylinders creatively — and she’s currently wrapping the final leg of a successful 114-date tour — so it seems particularly egregious that she was not even nominated for Entertainer of the Year. It was a classy move on Lambert’s part to recognize her. At the very least, Underwood deserves some sort of prize for performing in front of wind machines for the past year! It should be noted that Underwood immediately smiled and stood to applaud Lambert when her name was read.

Lambert also got teary eyed while expressing her respect for a few other women in country. “Last night, a huge dream of mine came true,” she said, her voice breaking. She described her transformation “from being a little girl singing in a hairbrush to watching Shania Twain [who has a residency in Las Vegas, where the ACM Awards are held] with Faith Hill, and Reba McEntire, and Kelly Clarkson.” Now that’s an A-list girl’s night out. “I cried all night because I’ll never not be a fan of those beautiful women,” Lambert concluded.

Oh, Miranda. Keep being awesome.

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