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Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth unleashed a storm of swords in the climax of Sunday night’s Game of Thrones; the two knights with very different ethics finally having their big clash on a scenic bridge.

Captive Jaime was being led to King’s Landing by Brienne when his stream of insults and attempts to annoy her finally afforded him a chance to escape. Unlike Jaime’s showdown with Ned Stark in season one, however, this was a unique kind of battle.

“It was a very different fight because I was still tied with my hands and her style was more brutal in a way,” star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau said. “Ned Stark [Sean Bean] was fighting for his life and to Jaime’s surprise Brienne’s not fighting for her life. She’s an honorable woman and she made a promise to take him to Kings Landing she’s going to do that. Then he discovers he can’t beat this woman — which is terrible for him.”

“He’s been torturing her and tormenting her for a long time,” co-star Gwendoline Christie adds. “And he’s been tapping into all of the classic underpinning of her psychology that have been the source of so much pain.”

Christie trained for nearly two years for the scene, say showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss.

“She was really happy when Nikolaj said, ‘Can you hit me 10 percent less hard?'” Benioff recalls.

Christie says Coster-Waldau continued his verbal torments off-camera, except with Christie giving it back to him. “He’s absolutely tormented and tortured me, and he’s not just done it on-set between takes,” she says smiling. “He does it in the evening, he does it at social events, he does it first thing in the morning, he does it when I’m outside my trailer. But believe me, though I can’t have a sword in my hand to beat his ass, he gets it back verbally.”

One time they were getting their hair done and Coster-Waldau quipped, “You look like one of the dogs from Beverly Hills Chihuahua that I watched with my kids.” Recalls Christie: “And I’m all, ‘Okay, every person involved with this production thinks you’re an idiot.'”

And just to make it sure readers understand she’s joking, Christie adds, “He is one of my most favorite actors and people. He’s absolutely brilliant and has helped me so much. There’s a very good chemistry between us; he’s really taken care of me. I love working with him.”


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