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Blake and Luke are no Brad and Carrie, but both country stars were happily game to roast each other during the ACM Awards opening tonight. While their cheesy delivery could use some work (Luke Bryan, not wanting to appear too rude, kept laughing hard and patting Blake Shelton’s back after each barb, which made much of the already too obvious humor seem even lamer), the guys did manage a few chuckle worthy lines. Plus, their camaraderie at the end of the show after Bryan nabbed the Entertainer of the Year trophy was genuinely charming.

Here are some of their best quips:

Blake: “How about a shout out to the Sherwin Williams company for spray-painting Luke’s jeans on for him tonight? You know what a Motel 6 and Luke’s jeans have in common? There’s no ballroom.”

Blake: “Luke and I are buddies in real life.”

Luke: “Yeah, this isn’t some made up country fiction like the show Nashville, where a faded, aging superstar is forced to team up with a hot, young sensation.”

Luke: “There’s the beautiful Miss Kelly Clarkson.”

Blake: “Kelly recently got engaged, and the lucky man she got engaged to happens to be my manager.”

Luke: “Congratulations to him for finally surrounding himself with some real talent.”

Blake: “Carrie [Underwood] recently said that she loves her husband so much that if he ever asked her to give up her career for him that she would do it for him. Do you think that you could ever show that kind of love and commitment if your partner asked you to quit?

Luke: “I totally could. Yeah, man, I could.”

Blake: “Good. Then I’m asking you to quit.”

Blake: “We can’t forget some of the biggest stars that are with us tonight — the folks from Duck Dynasty.”

Luke: “Hold on. Now, which one of them is Zac Brown?”

Blake (while introducing Jason Aldean to sing “1994”): “Back in 1994, Hunter Hayes was still breast-feeding.” [For the record, Hayes was 3-years-old in 1994.]

I’m sparing you the antiquated redneck lines and vulgar bits, but if you’re dying to hear those, then watch Blake and Luke’s full opening below.

How do you think they did as hosts?

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