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There was a period of my life when I was watching Jurassic Park on practically a weekly basis. It was the year after graduating from college, and my friends and I had a tradition of popping in the DVD whenever we couldn’t think of anything else to do — which was admittedly often. At one point, we managed to watch the movie more than a dozen times in the course of a single month and it got to the level that we were quoting the entire movie along with it like some crazed cult. Naturally, we also developed a drinking game to go with the film, because what goes better together than dinosaurs and alcohol? (Had the park actually made it to opening day, I’m sure they would have sold $15 beers in giant souvenir tricera-cups.)

With Jurassic Park’s 3-D re-release now in theaters, I thought I’d share the rules. So hold onto your Buds… (Unless you’re under 21, of course. Remember to drink responsibly, and stay away from the velociraptor paddock.)

  • Begin the game by taking a shot when Muldoon insists “Shoot her! Shoot her!”
  • Take a drink every time someone is killed
  • Take a drink every time you see a new instance of the Jurassic Park logo
  • Take a drink every time Nedry (Wayne Knight) eats something
  • In the scene where everyone sees the dinos for the first time and the John Williams score swells, start drinking when the brachiosaurus’ front legs leave the ground and don’t stop until they touch back down.
  • Take a drink of your finest available alcohol whenever Hammond says “Spared no expense…”
  • Depending on gender preference: Take a drink every time Laura Dern is unexpectedly sexy in her Mom shorts OR take a drink every time Jeff Goldblum is unexpectedly sexy with his shirt unbuttoned to his waist
  • Take a drink every time water ripples ominously
  • Take a drink at all outdated technological references, e.g., “It’s an interactive CD-ROM!” or “This is a UNIX system, I know this!”
  • Finally, take a drink every time you inadvertantly find yourself humming the Jurassic Park theme

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