This spring Amazon Studios will unleash eight comedy pilots for free on Amazon Instant Video (exact date TBD). One of them, Zombieland , picks up…
Credit: Richard DuCree

You already got a glimpse at the apocalyptic survivors in Amazon’s new Zombieland pilot, now we’ve got your first look at the zombies out to get them.

In the still above, Columbus (Tyler Ross) and Wichita (Maiara Walsh) try to avoid getting eaten by a zombiefied old lady. She’s one of many un-dead attackers they’ll encounter in the pilot.

“You will see plenty of violence and blood and gore like you did in the movie,” says Paul Wernick, who, along with co-writer Rhett Reese, penned the film and now pilot. “People can expect a lot of zombie attacks in Zombieland for sure.”

The writers say the series, which picks up two weeks after the end of the 2009 movie, will follow the survivors as they head East.

“Their mission in the pilot is to find some companionship,” says Reese, who adds that fans of the film can expect the pilot to have a similar tone. “They befriend someone who’s halfway across the country, and they also are told of a community that exists on the Eastern seaboard, so it’s a combination of things that push them East.”

Zombieland will premiere on a yet-to-be-determined date this spring along with eight other comedy pilots from Amazon Instant Video.

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