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Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of ‘Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites’.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I was never a fan of the smoothie food challenge because I felt putting the contents into liquid form toned down the gnarly factor a bit. So I was very happy to see the contestants back to suffering while attempting to put down the food in its original form. But why the decision on your end to go old school as opposed to smoothie style?

JEFF PROBST: Typically it goes like this — if we have great, organic, unusual types of food for them to eat then we do it “old school.” Sometimes we want to do a gross food eating but we only have typical sea creatures like octopus or squid — not unusual enough to warrant the old school approach so we try the smoothie. I do agree with you however and think the smoothie approach may be retired. Once again, Dalton Ross impacting the future of Survivor. Now if we could just get rid of that final three.

EW: If only! Now there are certain moments that are hard even for a jaded know-it-all like myself to not enjoy. Which brings us to Cochran’s Muhammad Ali impersonation after winning his first ever individual immunity competition. What was your take on that and his tribe’s reaction to it?

PROBST: I’ve never hidden my pleasure or displeasure of individual moments. I loved it. He’s one of the most unlikely…fish out of water…underdogs to ever play Survivor. He won an individual immunity challenge. It doesn’t matter what kind of competition it was — he had the necklace and nobody else did. What’s next? He scores on Malcom in a one on one showdown? Come on! This is an epic moment. Anybody who isn’t rooting for Cochran on some level doesn’t have a soul. They’re soulless I tell you, soulless!

EW: Nothing against Sherri because I actually like her quite a bit, but Corinne has been on fire these past few weeks with her commentary. When it comes to a situation like with this last vote, on a personal level in terms of what serves the show best, do you root for the entertainment of the blindside or for the retention of the entertaining player?

PROBST: Okay here’s my truth. Philosophically I don’t really care what happens at Tribal so long as the season as a whole is going well and since we have no control of the vote it’s silly to get worked up about it. But from a producing point of view, for a season to go really well we need to lose the boring people and keep the interesting people — villains or heroes. Blindsides are always great, but if they cost us our most memorable people then there is definitely an invoice. So separating myself from the show and just answering as a fan of the show, I was okay with Corinne being voted out. And with that, you can add Corinne to the list of former players who don’t like me.

EW: I have to imagine there will be a lot more scrambling going on next week. What can you tell us about the next episode?

PROBST: One of my favorite challenges — they have to float in the water underneath an iron grate. The water rises…the space to breathe decreases…the panic sets in.

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