By Darren Franich
April 04, 2013 at 07:55 PM EDT
Jaimie Trueblood

Universal has high hopes for Fast & Furious 6, the latest film in the globetrotting car-crashing saga. So high, in fact, that they’re apparently (and understandably) already making plans for a seventh installment. However, EW has confirmed that at least one key player in the franchise won’t be back for the next film. As originally reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Justin Lin will leave the director’s chair for Fast & Furious 7.

Lin was a key force in the franchise’s revival, joining on 2006’s Tokyo Drift and guiding the series through the cast-reunion entry Fast & Furious, which set the stage for the commercial (and critical) success of Fast Five. THR claims that Lin, who is still putting the finishing touches on next month’s Fast 6, stepped away from the series after Universal announced an accelerated timetable — apparently, they want a seventh film ready for summer 2014. (Typically, there have been at least two years between movies.) Lin has been attached at various times to revivals of the Terminator and Highlander franchises, but it’s unclear what his next project will be.

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