By Adam Carlson
April 03, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

Have you seen the trailer for the One Direction documentary, This is Us? Did you want there to be more shirtlessness? Did you want there to be more robots? Then we’re here to bring you a double-shot of good news. In a Twitter Q&A earlier today, director Morgan Spurlock — who once ate so much McDonald’s he became famous — gave more details about the film, which is being released in 3-D on Aug. 30.

To recap: The fivesome all care deeply about one another, all have great hair, and all treat Spurlock as if he were furniture. Will they be wearing shirts in the movie? They’re wild! Shirts are expensive. Music makes family. Who is Spurlock’s favorite guy? That’s one mystery he’ll never tell.

But really, the Q&A speaks for itself:

@1dthisisus @morganspurlock @twitteruk#AskMorgan1D3D @onedirection Funniest thing thats happened on the tour so far ~ Tahnee Australia

— Niall daman horan(@NiallsPotatoMan) April 3, 2013


We had some hilarious moments while filming in Japan.It was the band’s first time there and they were in awe of that city, and ROBOTS! — THIS IS US (@1DThisIsUs) April 3, 2013



@1dthisisus #askmorgan1d3d any shirtless moments??

— kali (@kalisauce) April 3, 2013



More shirtless moments than you can imagine, now how many of those make it into the final film we’ll have to wait and see – MS

— THIS IS US (@1DThisIsUs) April 3, 2013



@1dthisisus is there lots of bromance moments?? #AskMorgan1D3D

— Riana Tommo ✞ (@tomlinthrustme) April 3, 2013



One of the things I really love about the lads is how much they care about and support each other.They really stand by one another. – MS — THIS IS US (@1DThisIsUs) April 3, 2013



@1dthisisus @morganspurlock @twitteruk #askmorgan1d3d do the boys ever film each other? Or do u not trust them with that responsibility…;P

— Emilia Gibbs (@MillyRose_) April 3, 2013



The lads have been both in front of & behind the camera.They’ve been filming each other on the tour bus & on day’s off, great footage – MS

— THIS IS US (@1DThisIsUs) April 3, 2013



@1dthisisus @morganspurlock @twitterukWhat was your first impression of the boys when you first met them? #askmorgan1d3d

— Sam Loves Janoskians (@SammiSkellern) April 3, 2013



They won me over immediately.In my first meeting with them a food fight broke out with dinner rolls. – MS — THIS IS US (@1DThisIsUs) April 3, 2013



#askmorgan1D3D What is the most beautiful thing about the boys? @1dthisisus — Iris♡ (@x3Irissx3) April 3, 2013



Well I know a lot of fans love those flowing locks, so I may have to plan some special “Hair-iel” shots for the film – MS

— THIS IS US (@1DThisIsUs) April 3, 2013



#AskMorgan1D3D @1dthisisus Please Answer. Are the boys obedient while filming or they kept on playing games?

— Follow me 1D ;)(@1Dforevah12345) April 3, 2013



They are free spirits, they do what they want, that’s what makes them who they are; but we’re all working hard to make a great movie – MS

— THIS IS US (@1DThisIsUs) April 3, 2013

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