Jim Carrey
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Here’s that sequel to Ace Ventura: Unlikely Gun Control Advocate we’ve all been waiting for!

Jim Carrey made waves last Monday with a Funny or Die video called “Cold Dead Hand,” which spoofed the pro-gun advocacy of the NRA and the late Charlton Heston. After Fox News’s talking heads spent the rest of the week raking the Golden Globe winner and his liberal ideas over the coals, Carrey shot back with a statement that called the network “a last resort for kinda-sorta-almost-journalists,” “a media colostomy bag that has begun to burst at the seams,” and perhaps most damningly of all, “a giant culture fart.” (And this from a guy who knows his farts.)

But in a new Huffington Post op-ed, Carrey trades name-calling for passionate arguments about why he feels gun control is so essential. “I disagree wholeheartedly with those who say that there are just too many guns out there to control and that more gun laws won’t make a difference,” he writes. “Change must start someplace.” He makes a point to note that he isn’t in favor of eliminating the right to bear arms, “though it is in the vested interests of those who profit by gun sales to make it seem so.”

Carrey also faces his critics head-on, firing back (so to speak) at those who have told the Ontario-born star to simply go back to Canada if he doesn’t like the U.S.’s gun control laws. “I am so proud of that country and everything it’s given to me,” he writes, “but I am also a naturalized American citizen and I have been bringing as much joy as I can to people in this country for 30 years.” Carrey takes aim at those “who will try to marginalize and discredit” him because he’s “just an actor” as well. As he points out, conservative hero Ronald Reagan also started out as an actor; furthermore, argues Carrey, “I would trade my money, my fame, my reputation and legacy if there were the slightest chance of preventing the anguish of another Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, or Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

The actor ends his piece by urging citizens to take action, then listing the Twitter handles of every single U.S. senator. (Yes, every single senator has a Twitter account.) It’s unclear whether any of these legislators have read Carrey’s words, but at least he can count on support from one pal — Dumb and Dumber co-star (and current Newsroom anchor) Jeff Daniels, who retweeted Carrey’s link to the HuffPo piece. Doesn’t it warm your hear to know that Lloyd and Harry are still there for each other?

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