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This week’s contestant — and the first of season 16 to be truly “eliminated” — spoke to EW after the results show.

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Wynonna Judd and Tony Dovolani will not be returning to Planet Mirrorballus. Their low scores combined with a lack of votes from viewers and fans at home left country singer Judd unhappy, but unsurprised.

“We shared a look and said, we should be worried tonight,” Dovolani said. “Halfway through the day, we had a feeling. I just wanted to prepare her because I knew it would hit her like a brick wall. And it hit me like a brick wall so in some ways me saying this to her… I was preparing myself.”

Judd faced a big fear coming on the show, and said she is not a competitive person by nature. She was terrified, but agreed to come on DWTS when she was able to choose her own partner.

“I said the only reason I would do this show is because of Tony — is he available? And they said yes. I didn’t know Tony by meeting him in person; I just knew him through TV and seeing his sweet smiling face. He’s tough and tender and he’s funnier than anybody I know.”

One of the challenges of being on the show was learning how to change the way she moves, said Judd.

“I had developed some interesting habits, being up on stage, doing things my way. It’s harder in life when you get stuck in your habits and someone says no, don’t do it that way anymore, do it this way. You’ve got to let go sometimes in life and let someone else lead. And that’s just not the Judd way!”

Her bond with Tony is something she will take away from her time on DWTS. Tony shared a text message he sent to Wynonna last week.

“Thank you for making my dreams come true. Life is full of pain and sorrow and in my life I’ve been through a lot and always chose to remember the good times, and this is one of the best.”

He got choked up while reading it, and Wynonna shed a few tears. She cited dance and Dovolani’s tutelage as inspiration to take better care of herself, and said she will continue dancing.

“Just not in front of 20 million people,” she joked.

She said she wasn’t really sure what she was going to do in the morning, since she’d fallen into the routine of waking up and rehearsing her dances with Tony. Bu she was clear about her long-term plans.

“I’m going to go home and work on the record,” Judd said. “I’m going to get up on that stage and sing, which is what God gave me the talent to do. And the journey continues.”

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