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Vanessa Hudgens recently joined both Twitter and Tumblr and is already making good use of her new social media outlets, teasing the video for her latest track – the Spring Breakers-inspired “$$$ex.”

The teaser apes the low-budget look of the movie and even includes some Breakers-esque bikinis and ski masks for good measure. The actress and girl group YLA, with whom she collaborated on the song, dance around a kitchen while playing with pool noodles, blowing bubbles, and sucking on popsicles.

“We just wanted to dance and get crazy,” Hudgens wrote on her Tumblr. “You don’t have to go to Spring Break, you can bring Spring Break to youuu! We had ours in the kitchen. LOL! Sooo much fun.”

If you missed the memo that the High School Musical princess is all grown up now, get it below:

Spring Breakers

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  • Harmony Korine