By Lynette Rice
April 02, 2013 at 06:03 AM EDT

Jimmy Fallon definitely classed up the talk about his ascendance to The Tonight Show throne Monday by joining Jay Leno for a late-night “duet.”

In this clip, the two NBC hosts share a phone call that begins with Fallon asking Leno if they’re still friends (“of course,” replies the reigning late night king). The men then begin a rousing (and lip-synced) version of West Side Story’s “Tonight,” in which they poke fun at whether the franchise will move to New York, and how Leno has “Fox on the line, or maybe he’ll take over for Dave.”

Nice moment after the song with Leno, who gazes out the window looking content or resigned (depending on your point of view). But just so everyone’s clear about who appeared to be responsible for this little olive-branch-of-a-video, the clip ends with a promo for Fallon’s Late Night.

NBC said the video marked the first time both Tonight and Late Night have collaborated on a piece that aired as a “seamless bridge” between both shows. Translation: Leno and Conan O’Brien never pulled off a stunt like this!

Earlier in the night, Leno took another swipe at his bosses during his Tonight Show monologue by saying he and the network “have reached a peaceful, amicable agreement that will be beneficial to both sides… April Fools! It will never happen.”

Meanwhile, NBC has yet to confirm that any sort of succession plan is in the works, other than to say it is building a fancy new sound stage for Fallon in the Big Apple.


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