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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

Timothy White; Lorenzo Agius

“Tom looks like Harry Styles of One Direction in his old prom photo.” —Pr

Update: Tom reacts!

Thanks Tom, you tall drink of spiked punch!

“Can we just shout out to the wicked awesome woman in the black and white striped dress next to Brooke at the top of the show? She’s the hip mom who chaperones and then just gets down. Get down, momma! Your kid ain’t here this year. They ain’t here! Woooooo!” —debbsjo, endorsed by Sarahwoolf, kfran, Kerri, Coconutkel, Anthony

“A few times when Tom was introducing a couple and the judges were in the background, it looked like Bruno was growing a giant balloon from his head.” —Jmanser3

“Bruno’s scrunched-up face and pointing finger right after Tony and Wynonna entered the ballroom. I guess he was as taken aback by Tony’s new persona as I.” —Amy in KC

“I loved the homage to the She’s All That prom dance scene! All they were missing was Usher as the DJ!” —ktbanks, endorsed by kellen, Fridgedancer

“Dance club, let me see what you got!!” —Tay

“I would like to know why Aly has that many pears at her house.” —kellen, endorsed by Wiltasaurus

NEXT PAGE: Kym and Ingo’s primetime TV doppelgangers?

“Love Len in spring when he’s in a good mood, his little happy arm dance after pulling off his April Fool’s joke made me giggle with delight.” —gemtastic15, endorsed by DonnaW, Julie, MaddieShook, Jem H

“With that crown, where was Andy Homecoming King of…Siberia?” —MLM

“Colorful light switch plate on an otherwise bland wall behind Andy Dick” —Coconutkel

“Bruno being blinded by Andy Dick’s shirtlessness.” —DarkLordofDance, endorsed by Colleen, kellen, Wiltasaurus, Jem H

“The end of Andy’s dance was so shocking & funny that I forgot abt my raging killer level 8-9 migraine for a minute.” —Sandra Lappan

“That’s what the ballroom is all about!” —Amy in KC

“Aww, I love how Jacoby facepalmed Andy after he made the six-pack joke to Brookebot.” —Wiltasaurus

“Andy looks like Egon from Ghostbusters!” —Coconutkel

“Sharna was a leather mask and ears away from being Anne Hathaway as Catwoman” —MLM

“With his fedora, Ingo kind of looks like Jonathan Penner.” —kellen, endorsed by orville1970, Prplrose5 and her mom

“When Ingo told Kym she could be prom queen and slut and she laughed, she looked a little like Ellen Pompeo.” —DonnaW

NEXT PAGE: Rescue me, why don’t you, safety helmet made from shards of glass?

“Ingo’s Mirror Ball helmet, which breaks ever rule of “safety first.” A helmet made up of tiny shards of glass?!? Seems like a sparkly disaster just waiting to happen!” —Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by DarkLordofDance, endorsed by Amy in KC, Cannoli, debbsjo, Colleen, Fridgedancer, emily t, pancake, Anthony

“After Ingo laid Kym onto his motorcycle, there was a brief second where it looked like she was reaching out to his bejeweled helmet for help. Save me, oh shimmery headgear of Mirrorballus!” —Wiltasaurus, endorsed by Kevin

“After Ingo and Kym’s dance, did anyone else notice that it looked like Carrie Ann was maybe giving him the old ‘bird disguised as a nose scratch’? Maybe in response to his comment that ‘she probably wishes she could take back that 6’? Looked like it to me. Maybe because I wear glasses and possibly occasionally use the old ‘bird disguised as pushing up the glasses’ thing. Ahem.” —TequilaSunrise

“Oh hey, Carrie Ann is wearing a tiny hidden crown!” —Cindy

“When Gleb smiles, he reminds me of Sidney Crosby.” —Judy_kupiec

“The rhinestones on Lisa’s dress look like a dragonfly. Real Housewives of Fern Gully, much?” —kellen, endorsed by Wiltasaurus

“It’s Planet Mirrorballus itself!” —Colleen

“When Lisa was being critiqued, some shimmer from (I believe) the Mirrorballus replica overhead was giving her some fake tear action.” —Wiltasaurus

NEXT PAGE: It was only a matter of time before DWTS invoked Muppets from Space

“Lisa’s husband holding Giggy looked like a short, squat, version of Rod Stewart, holding a dog in drag.” —Sugar, endorsed by KaulyJo and 1montrealaise3

“Too…much…Botox… Are they happy? Sad? Angry? Who can tell?!?” —SpeechTeacher89, endorsed by orville1970

“I think Derek’s mad wasp face looks more like the Joker with maybe a bit of Jack Nicholson (The Shining) and perhaps a tad of Jim Carrey as well. Nightmare-inducing for sure!” —luvbug, endorsed by Tay, GlitterFan, Chloe, JJ

Other comparisons included the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta (IowaGirl), “the Keebler Elf (Krosstx)

“Len proclaiming Kellie the Queen of the Prom…would that make her the Queen Bee to Derek’s Angry Wasp Face?” —Amy in KC

“After Derek and Kellie’s scores Tom was cutting to break when a woman on his left in a  blue paisley dress couldn’t resist a shout out, ‘Hi Mom!’ when the camera’s passed.” —Sugar

“While Victor and Lindsay got their scores, I loved the shot of Ingo wearing the tiara. I love how the celebs share headwear with others. (See: Dorothy Hamill wearing Jacoby’s Yellow Hat last week.)” —Anthony, endorsed by Queue55, MLM, TequilaSunrise, Fringe Fairy, Kevin M. Kawa, Prplrose5

“Brooke looks like an extra from the final prom scene in Footloose! Not new Julianne Hough Footloose; original Kevin Bacon Footloose. :)” —JennieB

“I seriously couldn’t get over Brooke’s glove. I thought it was soap suds at first on her hand! And just one? How Madonna of her!” —Rachael

“If Brooke had a black bow on her butt, she could be Madonna in the Material Girl video.” —duranmom

“At one point Cheryl ended up with a sort of creepy hair blindfold in the middle of their dance” —Jem H

“Gigantic peaches on the ballroom for D.L. and Cheryl’s salsa! Peaches? Beats me.” —Wiltasaurus

“DL’s blue suit and silver cape makes me think of big dance number in Muppets from Space.” —Electronic Neko

“Bruno booing along with the crowd while giving a D.L. a 5.” —Kevin M. Kawa

NEXT PAGE: Bruno’s fly and a bedazzled jackhammer — mutually exclusive?

“Andy Dick after Jacoby Jones performed, mouthing ‘That was good.'” —Giantpanda, endorsed by Queue55

“That was my son’s BFF in front of Jacoby’s mom….Torrey Smith! And no wonder Jacoby got kicked out of the prom.  The librarian took him home.” —PIMB

“As Jacoby and Karina got their remarks, was it me or was Bruno’s zipper open?” —Anthony

“When Tom was introducing Wynonna and Tony, there was a girl in front row in a green dress doing the McKayla Maroney ‘not impressed’ face. :)” —Kerri

“Did I spy some glitter on that jackhammer?” —DonnaW

“That sounds… wrong.” Amy in KC, endorsed by duranmom, orville1970

“The judges doing YMCA behind Sean and Peta.  They loved being part of it. ” —duranmom, endorsed by Anthony

“Len’s dyslexic backward C during the YMCA.” —Jem H

“I’d give it a solid seh-vehhhhhhn!” —Wiltasaurus

NEXT PAGE: Dorothy, I don’t think we’re on Earth anymore….

“Right before or during Bruno was giving his critique of Peta and the Bachelor guy, they did a wide shot showing everyone and the staircase. The PROM balloons — the bottom of the M balloon covered up some of the fake white balloon on the video screen and it looked like a glass of bubbly…gasp!” —cindy, endorsed by Fringe Fairy who could really use a drink

“Dorothy and Kristi in the audience together!” —Coconutkel, endorsed by TequilaSunrise

“Get Dorothy Hamill some pom poms. She would be a perfect DWTS cheerleader! Maybe she and Enthusiastic Activia Lady could be co-captains!” —kfran

“Where is Tristan as her prom date? (P.S. Maks would be my prom date.)” —Colleen

“Val, I just thought I would let you know, you really rock a tight t-shirt and suspenders. I know it must be difficult for you to not take your clothes off… there is always next season ;)” —Fridgedancer, endorsed by Electronic Neko, orville1970, Amy in KC, Colleen

“Before I saw that a troupe member was driving the boat, I thought it was a Phantom of the Opera boat.” —Colleen


“Harold Wheeler in an ’80s prom tux!” —Colleen, endorsed by Amy in KC, orville1970

“Princess Sparkle gave us gem hunters a wave !” —Wiltasaurus

“Hi ECL (Enthusiastic Chimes Lady)! (We saw you waving in the background).” —iggy

Another update: Harold’s into it!


“Len was driving the limo!! If only they had shown the license plate!” —Electronic_Neko, endorsed by kellen and Fringe Fairy

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for this fabulous heap of gems!


Fringe Fairy

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