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No one is really safe on The Walking Dead, but going into last night’s season finale, fans of the show were especially focused on the final fate of The Governor. Introduced this season as a very explicit Big Bad, the Governor had spent the last several episodes plotting all-out warfare with the Prison-dwelling Grimes Gang. Would the show kill off the Governor after one memorable season, a tactic known to TV fans as “Pulling a Trinity“? Or would they keep the Governor alive, in a slightly less bold strategy referred to as “Pulling a Sylar“?

Well, last night, we got out answer. Spoiler alert, I guess, although if you’re a fan of the show you should really watch it live, and anyhow you already read the headline — The Governor lived, though not before he mowed down half the citizens of Woodbury and drove off into the wilderness. Still, watching that finale, it wasn’t by any means clear what role the Governor would have in the show going forward. Well, that role has become a bit clearer. EW has confirmed the news, first reported by the Hollywood Reporter, that David Morrissey will return as a series regular next year.

In many ways, it’s a bold move for the series. Much of the foundation for the past season comes directly from the comic books. (The rapid introduction of Michonne, the Governor, the Prison, and Woodbury was a quadruple-shot of fan service.) The comics featured a vaguely similar showdown between the Prison and Woodbury…but suffice it to say, that showdown ended much differently. At least initially, season 4 will share a setting and a prime antagonist with season 3. Will the Governor be an irritant along the outskirts of the Prison? Will he gather together a new gang of well-armed soldiers? Will he grow out his hair and complete his transformation into Snake Plissken?

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