TV network marketing taglines are rarely great, especially the first time you hear them.

Remember when you first heard TNT’s “We Know Drama”? (Or, as it always sounded to me, “We no drama!”). That one is actually pretty good. But then there was TruTV’s godawful “Not Reality. Actuality” — whatever that means — and Lifetime’s latest digital-obsessed clunker “Connect, Play, Share” (the network is still trying top its effective and boring long-time tagline, “Television for Women”). Syfy’s “Imagine Greater” works. FX’s “There Is No Box” was kind of ho-hum. Bravo’s “Only By Bravo” tells you absolutely nothing about the network’s programming except that it’s on Bravo.

And now there’s AMC’s new tagline: “Something More.”

Something more than … what? And what kind of something?

Explains AMC: “’AMC: Something More’ further refines our focus on- and off-air and speaks to our promise to viewers to provide an experience that is unexpected, unconventional and uncompromising,” said Linda Schupack, AMC’s EVP of marketing. “However we express the brand, we want to give our audience something deeper, something richer, something more.”

In other words: AMC wanted to express the idea that its programming delivered something more than rivals so eventually somebody in the room said, “I got it! ‘Something more!'” This is actually not a bad tagline since it manages to politely evoke a sense of “we are better than other networks.” Claiming the ultra-vague phrase “further refines our focus” is pretty funny, though.

We understand AMC’s challenge. As EW’s Darren Franich tweeted Sunday night:

The network has a “one from column A, one from column B” lineup of shows. Pretty much all of AMC’s shows are great, however, so this isn’t really a “problem” — except when executives try to figure out a universal marketing concept. AMC’s previous tagline was “Story Matters Here,” which wasn’t sexy, but it made a clear point — AMC shows have good writing.

What do you think of the new tagline?