Credit: SSPL/Getty Images

Attorneys for Susan Schneider Williams, the widow of the late Robin Williams, and his three children met in San Francisco on Monday to discuss the division of Williams’ estate.

Per his will, Williams’ children Zachary, Zelda and Cody are entitled to his clothing, awards and other tangible personal property, while Susan believes furniture from the California home where he committed sucide in August 2014, along with clothing items like watches and the tuxedo he wore to their 2011 wedding, are rightfully hers.

Attorney Andrew A. Bassak, one of the estate’s trustees, told the judge that Williams never intended for a list of his possessions to be a public issue, as he established trusts during his lifetime for his heirs.

“There is no legitimate reason for the administration of this estate to be before this court,” Bassak told the judge, per Reuters.

Both parties agreed to meet informally over the next two weeks to pick up any undisputed items from Williams’ home.

“I think we can have all the undisputed items picked up in the next two weeks,” Susan’s attorney Jim Wagstaffe assured PEOPLE.

But Bassak wasn’t so sure. “I don’t know and I can’t speculate,” he adds, “There is still a lot to be worked out.”

Ahead of another court meeting on June 1, the probate judge advised that both sides to utilize a private mediator if informal talks are inconclusive.