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Jeremy Piven is returning to TV, but as a different kind of power player than Entourage‘s Ari Gold. On PBS’ drama Masterpiece: Mr. Selfridge (tonight, 9 p.m.), he stars as Harry Selfridge, the real-life American businessman who dreamed big enough to become a London department-store magnate. Take inventory of Piven’s answers below in EW’s Personality Quiz.

What’s the first place you head to when you walk into a department store?

First department you pass is cosmetics thanks to Harry Selfridge — but I go straight to casual men’s department. Rag & Bone, Jon Varvatos and Hugo Boss have great stuff. I also have a jacket disorder and need to stop.

Mr. Selfridge is shot in London. If you had to live abroad for five years in any one city, which would it be?

London. When you’re walking around, because of the history and the architecture, you’re absolutely never bored. There is incredible theater, the restaurants get better every year, you’re a couple hours away from Paris on the train, and we speak the same language.

What kind of store would you open?

I’m a drummer, and I have these African drums that need to be tuned up. It would be fun to have a neighborhood drum shop that you could go into and hang out, and then sell drum kits. There would be live music, you could chill. There are so many great musicians, and places like Chicago, New Orleans and New York have a lot of venues for them, but not as many in L.A.

Choose a drummer:

Keith Moon

John Bonham

Neil Peart

***Dave Grohl***

He’s a real shining example of gratitude. Not only does he hit with intention, he’s just a real rocker, and it just amps you up listening to it. He’s connecting, and it’s real. He has this documentary Sound City in which he’s honoring the people that inspired him. There’s an authenticity about him that I admire.

What’s your karaoke go-to song?

I would prefer not to sabotage an evening and damage anyone’s ears. That would be my gift to the room. I would just call Mary J. Blige and say, “Would you hit the high note for me? Because I don’t want to torture these people.”

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Which Entourage cast member would you most want to road-trip with:

Kevin Connolly

Kevin Dillon

Adrian Grenier

Jerry Ferrara

***Scott Caan***

Scott has this incredible truck and an amazing dog.

What do you do when someone asks you to hug it out?

Always hug. Don’t question — just embrace it!

You’re a big traveler. What’s your preferred mode of transport?





There is a book called Born To Run, and it talks about how running shoes were developed and they’re not great for you, so running on the beach in your bare feet is great for you and really fun. That being said, I’m driving a 1973 Bronco right now and there’s no top to it. This is my favorite mode of transportation.

The voice you’d want on your car’s GPS navigation device:

Marion Cotillard. She has this velvety voice but she could do a different character for everywhere you’re going. If you’re going to Silver Lake, she could pretend she’s a hipster. She’s got great range.

Who’s the first person you asked for an autograph?

I was actually at a charity event when I was a kid and it was a running back, Billy Sims. He signed a football for me. I have a Polaroid of the two of us with his enormous Afro. It’s a fantastic memory.

What was the poster that you had to have on your wall as a kid?

Walter Payton. He was my favorite athlete growing up. A complete inspiration.

What movie do you quote from the most?

Where do you keep your Emmys?

On the mantel. According to my niece Pearl [the star of Funny or Die’s viral hit “The Landlord”], the awards that I had were not arranged well, so she feng-shui’ed them out. And she gave an acceptance speech. She’s eight years old. In terms of acceptance speeches, I think that Daniel Day-Lewis should win an award for his acceptance speeches, because it’s just the most humble poetry you’ve ever heard. But maybe he could use Pearl as a consultant because she’s getting in the game.

Do you have a secret phobia?

This interview is my biggest fear. That, and I’m afraid of heights.

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