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By Adam MarkovitzKyle Anderson and Ray Rahman
Updated March 29, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

Singles feat. Justin Bieber
Unless you’re already three vodka Red Bulls into your night out at Miami Beach hot spot Chez Douche, this club-designed #willpower single is pretty #useless. It doesn’t offer much to scream and shout about, except maybe for Bieber’s Daft Punk-aping (and plain incorrect) hook, ”bigger, better, stronger, power.” CRay Rahman

Vampire Weekend
”Diane Young”
Say the title out loud. (Go ahead, we’ll wait.) And then shake it off: Under the yuk-yuk pun is a smartly crafted song that tweaks the band’s trademark preppies-on-safari spirit, adding a loose-limbed big-drum sound that nods at rockabilly, surf rock, and even punk from behind its semi-ironic Ray-Bans. B+Adam Markovitz

John Legend
”The Beginning”
The suede-voiced crooner’s torchy, bare-bones ballad about a lady who makes him want to ”do it till we have a baby” sounds a little DIY, but the lust in his voice feels straight from his heart — or, you know, somewhere just south of there. BAdam Markovitz

Girl Who Got Away
On her latest, the London chanteuse throws back to the dreamy trip-hop of the mid-’90s. And even if Girl is not as sonically dense as Portishead or Massive Attack, she carries it with her creamy alto and her sweetly ethereal allure, especially on the Kendrick Lamar-assisted single ”Let Us Move On.” B+Kyle Anderson

The Invisible Way
Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy steps in to produce the Minnesota slow-core stalwarts’ 10th album, melodically underscoring the pop (”So Blue”) and noise (”On My Own”) potential of the band’s lovely, intimately spare songs. B+ —Ray Rahman