The Austin foursome kick out the slinky synth jams on their debut, ''If All Now Here.''

New York is a city of endless opportunity, but for Feathers singer Anastasia Dimou, something was missing: girls who could share her musical obsession with synths and atmospherics — and wanted to make that sound their own. So she decamped to Austin, where she bonded with the future core members of Feathers: guitarist Destiny Montague, keyboardist Kathleen Carmichael, and bassist Courtney Voss. Together they built their debut, If All Now Here (due this spring), a shimmering tribute to night-stalking heroes like the Cure and Depeche Mode. Cut to this year’s SXSW festival, when the group suddenly went from admiring their idols to sharing a bill with them: All four are still reeling from landing the opening slot at Depeche’s high-profile gig there. When Dimou told frontman Dave Gahan that some press had called them a female version of his band, ”he was like, ‘That’s not so bad. You could do a lot worse!”’

Next up they’ll be heading to Europe, where they’ll tour with ethereal British electro-pop chanteuse Little Boots. But they’ll be keeping their fiercer side intact. ”I’m usually afraid of breaking a heel on stage,” Dimou laughs. ”That’s how hard I stomp.”