PREVIOUS: The TV industry is less than two months from the New York upfronts, when the broadcast networks unveil their new fall lineups to advertisers. Several pickups have already been announced (as if anyone expected CBS to not say yes to another season of Hawaii Five-0 and Person of Interest.). But many more remain on the proverbial bubble. Here’s an update to our recent rundown of current show survival odds, with each show’s current season-to-date rating among adults 18-49 (including DVR).

Chicago Fire 02
Credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBC


Revolution (5.0): One of the few freshman success stories this season. This lights will stay on.

Animal Practice: Cancelled after four episodes

Chicago Fire (2.3): There’s already talk of a spin-off. If that’s not a positive endorsement of this show, we don’t know what is.

Community (1.7): If the Greendale clan is lucky enough to get another season, it will be a short final semester.

Deception (1.7): Poor-man’s Revenge with poorer ratings. Not hopeful.

Do No Harm: Cancelled

Grimm (2.5): An easy call.

Law & Order: SVU (2.1): Seems safe.

Off Their Rockers (1.7): We don’t expect Betty White to stop rocking anytime soon.

30 Rock (1.9):Final season

Go On (2.4): We think Matthew Perry will return one more season, as long as NBC can keep attaching The Voice respirator.

The New Normal (2.1): We’re hearing “yes” and keep asking “are you sure?”

Guys with Kids (1.6): Somebody needs to head off to Chuck E. Cheese …. and never come back.

Parenthood (2.8): A renewal is certain.

Parks & Recreation (2.0): Knope expected to get a “Yes.”

Smash (1.5): The curtain is closing. That new Saturday slot isn’t a reward.

Celebrity Apprentice (1.7). We expect a return next year.

The Biggest Loser (2.8): Jillian Michaels didn’t muscle up better ratings this season, but we still expect a renewal.

The Office (2.6): Final season

Rock Center With Brian Williams (1.0): Nothing NBC has done with this show has made much sense so … yes, it will probably return.

The Voice (5.2, 4.8): RENEWED

Up All Night (1.7): Nothing said officially but no other show screams CANCELLED more than this one.

Whitney (1.5): Sorry, it still has a shot.

1600 Penn (1.5). Soon to be sequestered.



2 Broke Girls (4.0): RENEWED

Blue Bloods (1.9): RENEWED

CSI: NY (1.9): Wasn’t mentioned this week as one of the 18 shows renewed for fall. Gary Sinise and company could follow CSI: Miami out the door this spring.


Criminal Minds (3.6): No pickup announced yet but that’s only because the actors are currently renegotiating their deals. Expect a return.

Elementary (3.0): RENEWED

48 Hours: RENEWED

Golden Boy (1.9): Tarnished. If the ratings don’t surge soon, this one is a goner.

Hawaii Five-0 (2.6): RENEWED

How I Met Your Mother (3.9): RENEWED FOR FINAL SEASON

Made in Jersey (1.1): Cancelled

Mike & Molly (3.6): RENEWED



Partners (2.3): Cancelled

Person of Interest (3.5): RENEWED

Rules of Engagement (2.9): CBS has used this show to patch a hole when new comedies drop out, but this season will likely be the last.

60 Minutes (2.3): RENEWED

Survivor (3.0): RENEWED

The Amazing Race (2.7): RENEWED

The Big Bang Theory (6.4): RENEWED

The Good Wife (2.0): RENEWED

The Job(.8): CBS hasn’t said officially but this short-lived reality show is dead.

The Mentalist (2.4): RENEWED

Two and A Half Men (4.2): CBS and studio Warner Bros are still talking, so we expect to see another season.

Undercover Boss (1.8): RENEWED

Vegas (2.2): Very much a gamble.


Keifer Sutherland
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American Dad (2.7): RENEWED

American Idol: (Wednesdays, 5.2 rating; Thursday, 4.8). Dive bombing this season, but still winning many nights. Safe.

Ben & Kate (1.5): Cancelled

Bob’s Burgers (2.3): RENEWED

Bones: (2.8). RENEWED.

Family Guy (3.7):RENEWED.

Fringe(1.6): Final season

Glee (3.3): The comedy musical is expected to return for a fifth season, but negotiations between the network and studio are still ongoing.

Hell’s Kitchen (2.1):RENEWED

Kitchen Nightmares RENEWED

New Girl (3.4): RENEWED.

Raising Hope (2.0): RENEWED.

The Cleveland Show (1.6): Once again, this is the only Fox animated veteran without a renewal in the spring (the animated shows require a longer lead-time to produce next season’s episodes than the live-action shows). We expect Fox’s hesitation will be permanent this time.

The Following (4.2): RENEWED

The Mindy Project (2.2): RENEWED

The Simpsons (3.2): RENEWED

The Mob Doctor (1.3): Cancelled

The X-Factor (3.6 and 3.4) RENEWED

Touch (1.0): Not looking great. Kiefer Sutherland is fielding backup offers.



America’s Funniest Home Videos (1.5): Naturally.

Don’t Trust the B– in Apt. 23 (1.6) Cancelled

Castle (2.6): A sure thing. Nathan Fillion’s drama is one of the few solid performers at 10 p.m. on broadcast.

Malibu Country (1.6): Reba McEntire is a reliable performer, but country girl is on the bubble.

Modern Family (5.4): Of course.

Body of Proof (1.6): We can’t see ABC taking a risk on another season. Then again, the show just won its time slot last week.

Dancing with the Stars (2.6): Ratings aren’t great this season, but ABC won’t give up on the fringe.

Grey’s Anatomy (4.3): Absolutely.

Happy Endings (1.9): The cool kids like it but the masses don’t. Too close to call.

Private Practice (2.4): Final season.

The Neighbors: (2.0) Quintessential bubble show.

666 Park Avenuee (1.5): Red tagged!

Last Resort (2.0): Docked for good

The Taste (1.9): Hmmm, tastes like … the vacant dusty air of a closed restaurant.

Nashville (2.5): One of the best new shows of the season. Yes.

Last Man Standing (1.9): Tim Allen and his new primetime family could go another round.

Red Widow (1.6): Somebody should prepare for another funeral.

Once Upon a Time (3.8): Safe despite recent ratings drops.

Revenge (3.3): Nobody thinks the drama had a great second season, but expect it to return for a third.

Scandal (2.8): Hell yes. This soap has risen in the Thursday ratings to come within shouting distance of Grey’s — and now even Idol!

Shark Tank (2.1): A total blockbuster — by Friday standards.

Splash (2.6): Week 2 ratings dive. Still too soon to call, though.

Suburgatory (2.6): Stable performer, but not a lock to return.

The Bachelor (3.2): ABC’s not dumping this franchise into a limo anytime soon.

The Middle (2.6): You don’t watch it, we don’t watch it, but somebody’s watching it. So yes.

Wife Swap (2.0): Fills holes. Sure.

Zero Hour (1.5): Cancelled



Arrow (1.3): RENEWED

Beauty and the Beast (0.7): Likely to continue.

Cult (.3): This cult doesn’t have enough of a following.

Emily Owens, M.D. (.5): Cancelled

Supernatural (1.1): RENEWED

The Vampire Diaries (1.6): RENEWED

America’s Next Top Model (0.8): RENEWED

Nikita (.5): The wild card. The bar is low on The CW on Fridays. But this low?

Hart of Dixie (0.8): If The CW is actually conflicted about Nikita, you gotta figure this soap is reasonably safe.

90210 (.6): Final season.

The Carrie Diaries (.7): Kinda sorta likely to continue. Kinda.