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Credit: Chris Ragazzo/IFC

Marc Maron is about to go from his garage into your living room: The neurotic, ultra-candid comedian — who hosts the popular WTF podcast — will star as himself in the IFC scripted comedy Maron (May 3, 10 p.m.). “People can expect the travails of a guy who’s trying to level out his life after having a rough go at it,” the twice-divorced owner of three cats who’s been sober for more than a decade tells EW. “They can expect a humorous struggle with self.” Given that the show is based on his life, how much of the actual Marc Maron is “Marc Maron”? “It’s about 90 percent me, but it’s me out in the world as opposed to me in my head or at home,” he says. “I feel very good about the show, the story, and the performances, but I get uncomfortable in the sense that like, ‘Wow, this is a little close to home.’ I don’t know if that’s the feeling you want to have when you’re watching what you made on television, but I have that.”

If it did hit close to home, it’s also because the show was filmed in an exact replica of his L.A. residence. Well, maybe not exact. “They literally rebuilt my house in another house down the street from me, and it was actually a little nicer,” he deadpans. “I would rather live in that house. It is a little bigger and has more of the kind of stuff that I like, but can’t find.”

Just as Maron’s real-life garage-set podcast features all sorts of guests from the comedy world, Maron contains plenty of familiar faces who will pop up on his podcast and/or in story lines, whether they’re playing themselves or different characters. (Gina Gershon, above, plays a romantic prospect, but there’s a catch: “I’m very excited that I’m going to be dating an age-appropriate woman and that unfolds into its own little thing,” hints Maron. “The date was a bit dubious in its intent.”) The 10-episode season also features appearances by Ken Jeong, Adam Scott, Denis Leary, Jeff Garlin, Illeana Douglas, and Judd Hirsch, among others. Want to be the first person you know to see the new trailer for Maron? Simply press play.

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