Norm Macdonald
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Comedy junkies, you may have just received your greatest gift. On Monday night, Norm Macdonald launched Norm Macdonald Live, a video podcast delivered via the Video Podcast Network that will run live every Monday night. The show will feature MacDonald, sidekick Adam Eget, and will revolve around a new guest each week.

The show’s premiere welcomed actor Bob Einstein (better known as Super Dave Osborne and Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Marty Funkhouser), and was a ridiculously great hour that set a fine template for the program moving forward. “My wishlist is not anyone else’s wishlist,” Macdonald tells EW shortly after the first show premiered. “I’m damn near 50. So the guys I like, they’re mostly dead. Everybody wants young people, which I think is a mistake. The best guys to talk to in these situations are old guys, because they ain’t working, and they’ve got nothing to lose. They’ll tell you stories, you know? Everybody else, you ask a question and they don’t know if they should talk about it. So my wishlist are the old guys, the old failures. Just having some old guy saying Cary Grant was a d— would be great. Plus, a lot of these younger people have been podcasted to death, and I also don’t know any of them. I wouldn’t know what questions to ask. I wouldn’t know what to ask the fourth lead on The Mindy Project.

Macdonald says that he hopes to book an eclectic variety of future guests, including Mike Tyson, Billy Bob Thornton, Russell Brand, and Bob Saget. Einstein’s storytelling drove the first episode, which featured a great tale about working with Redd Foxx and some thoughts on Curb. Check it out below.

Norm Macdonald Live is a long time coming. “People have tried to get me to do a podcast for a long time, and I was going to do one every day, but you can’t really get guests [daily], so it would basically be me just talking, and I’m not very good at just talking,” he said. “Adam Carolla is good at that, just talking for an hour a day.”

The podcast should keep him busy, as well as help him avoid awkward situations as a television guest star. “One time I was [auditioning for a] show called My Name Is Earl,” Macdonald says. “First, I think I’ll watch some episodes on YouTube, but then I don’t. I decide to not do anything instead. My default position is just to lie. So I go to the audition, and I pretend I watch their show, because you don’t want to say you’ve never seen it. So I go way overboard, as liars will do. They had me sitting with Jaime Pressly, who is this pretty girl on the show, and she’s pregnant. So I say, ‘Oh my God, you’re pregnant and it’s amazing how they hide that on the show!’ And she goes, ‘I’m pregnant on the show.’ And I go, ‘I know.’ Like, I got really angry at her. Nothing made sense. The best defense is an insane offense. That’s a Kim Jong-un thing I learned.”

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