You may not have noticed this before, but Hugh Jackman works out. Like, a lot. That’s the takeway from the new international poster for The Wolverine, the upcoming sequel-reboot-vacation which sends Jackman’s clawed X-Man to Tokyo to fight ninjas, samurai, and [mournful violin] himself. The new poster isn’t as cool as the Blade Runner-y motion poster or the beautifully stark ink-wash poster. But it does have approximately 1000% more Jackman Pecs than the other two posters combined. Check it out below:

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

The poster comes out in the middle of a busy week for the Wolverine PR team. Yesterday, director James Mangold tweeted a six-second Vine clip of the film’s teaser. Today, MTV has a twenty-second clip from the same teaser. Tomorrow, the full teaser will hit the internet. On Thursday, the teaser will transform into a beautiful butterfly. On Friday, the butterfly will flap its wings in Brazil, thereby setting off a tornado in Texas. On Saturday, Ashton Kutcher will travel through time and eat the butterfly. On Sunday, James Mangold will release a tweet of a Vine of a teaser of the sequel to The Wolverine, currently titled X-Men Origins: Wolverine–The Wolverine, Part 2; Days of Future Past: The Beginning. So it has ever been, and so it shall ever be.

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