Star Trek: The Video Game arrives on April 23 and shines a special spotlight on the Gorn, that toothy reptilian race that conquered the collective heart of Starfleet fans back in 1967 but never enjoys the kind of attention those loudmouth Klingons get.

April also brings us National Poetry Month and though it’s not the smartest pick as far as the calendar goes (the real reason T.S. Eliot called it the “cruellest month” is because nothing rhymes with April) the timing does work out nicely for our ongoing Days of Gorn celebration, which features previews of the Gorn varieties in the game (such as the Scout Gorn, above).

Using a cosmic communicator known as Facebook, we invited readers to submit haiku about the Gorn and below we share them with you, along with more exclusive images of the Gorn from the upcoming video game.

If you think you can do better, share your 17-syllable parade of golden verse right down there in the comments section. Remember, haiku have three lines; the top and bottom line have five syllables each while the middle line adds up to seven.

Microphone eyeballs

Chasing Kirk everywhere

Let the Captain be

-Jonathan Zaleski

What the hell is Gorn?

sounds like it might be naughty

Geek license revoked

-Janice Pope

A Cestus sun sets.

Thunder rushes through canyon.

It’s Gorn with the wind.

-Oakley Boren

And here’s the Gorn Arena Champion…

Metrons force battle

Kirk’s wiles over the Gorn’s strength

Half savage, there’s hope

-Karla Blume

On ‘Big Bang Theory’

A Sheldon Gorn-REM nightmare

Sat in Sheldon’s spot

-SheLia Rosell Reynolds

Tense warriors circle

Hot sun beating down on them

Snow falling softly

– Ambrose Kalifornia

Cold green blood, Kirk’s scorn

Not feared, no respect, so sad

Phony looking Gorn

– Ken Cohen

Bamboo cannon, fire!

No escape for big green dude

Kirk declared Gorn-free

-Tony Marcano

Kirk Duels Lizard

Vasquez Rocks, Improvised Gun

Take that, Godzilla.

-Tony Marcano

And here’s the Gorn Rusher…

Kirk knows

He’s reasoned it out!

Forlorn Gorn

-Tom Johnson

My tunic is cool

I will whack him with my stick

Kirk likes it a lot

-Keith Seaman

Gluttonous humans

Want to dine on Cestus III

Taste the wrath of Gorn

-Mike Winder


The shine of lizard eyes, or


-Michael Nankin

Kirk Battles The Gorn

Metron Arena Space Duel

Half Savage Still Hope

-John Doffing