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An award for her hard work? Hermione Granger would be proud.

Emma Watson will receive the second-ever MTV Trailblazer Award at the MTV Movie Awards in a few weeks, the network announced today. (Emma Stone won the title last year.) MTV said in a statement that Watson “endeared herself to fans as one of the most beloved and iconic characters of her generation. She’s been a constant presence in the lives of our audience for more than a decade and is continuing to challenge her craft with upcoming roles as radically diverse as her enormous talent.”

We agree – and thought up five more reasons why she’s our favorite.

1.) She’s a good sport about the Harry Potter stuff. Obviously we all love Hermione Granger, but after over a decade, who could blame her if she didn’t want to constantly hear “Five points for Gryffindor!” jokes. But that doesn’t mean she won’t play along. Evidence: This adorable photo of Watson on Halloween this year, introducing herself as Hermione to a pint-sized fan dressed up as Harry.

2.) Much like her Potter cohorts, Watson has picked diverse and interesting projects post-Hogwarts. In addition to her MTV Movie Award-nominated performance in Perks of Being A Wallflower, she’ll star with Russell Crowe in Noah, about the building of the ark; she’ll next appear in The Bling Ring, directed by Sofia Coppola.

3.) The interview in which she charmingly informs David Letterman “I’ve been drunk!”

4.) This recent tweet where she discusses that she will not, in fact, play Anastasia Steele in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

5.) Although we’re also partial to this self-deprecating tweet:

Here’s hoping she breaks out a matching ‘Star’ sweater to wear Apr. 14 when she accepts the Trailblazer honor.

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