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March 26, 2013 at 11:22 PM EDT
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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems! 

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“Poor Kellie tried to give Kym a high five afterward and was denied! Sad.” —Kerri

“Kym looked like Cruella de Vil’s younger, nicer sister. Only one Dalmatian was good enough for her!” —Wiltasaurus


“Aww, it’s a “Seh-VUN!”  bro-mance tonight. I think Len and Bruno even giggled a little.” —orville1970, endorsed by Colleen, Fridgedancer, Jem H, stee, ktbanks, Amy in KC, Wiltasaurus

Everett Collection

“After Dorothy and Tristan danced, they showed who I think was Zachary Levi in the audience, and okay, he could be a gem, but he’s not even the gem. It’s better.  Behind him there was a lady wearing some kind of glittery headband hair extension something or other! I think it may have actually involved some kind of light up fiber optic thingies (that’s the technical term), and I must get one now.” —Jem H

“Tattoo of a clock on Jacoby’s chest peeking out. Keith Urban (American Idol) has nothing on this guy’s tats!” —Anthony

“The two of them in the extra tall coat is going to haunt my dreams tonight. Creeeeeeepy!” —gemtastic15, endorsed by Amy in KC, Electronic_Neko

“Jacoby and Karina were channeling their inner Little Rascals at the beginning of their jazz routine. I was ready for them to apply for a bank loan!” —kellen

NEXT PAGE: The hat-tossing Olympics, Wynonna Judd’s lip liner struggles

“Jacoby tosses his yellow hat! The guy in the audience catches it! SCORE!!!” —Anthony

“Len looks like he’s wearing a stuffed animal in his jacket pocket. Maybe a teeny tiny leopard or ocelot.” —DonnaW

“Lindsay actually hitting and knocking the camera when she threw the hat. She’s got talent and good aim!” —gemtastic15, endorsed by Kevin M. Kawa

“Victor’s Alfalfa hair in the middle of the front of his hat? I thought his hat was backward when they first got to the celebrequarium.” —emily t, endorsed by kellen

“Wynonna’s lip liner is always a little off. It’s really noticible in the intro package. Seriously. It’s a really dark color just ABOVE her lip, and it looks like she gave herself a really dark and smooth and small moustache.” —Cindy

NEXT PAGE: The ‘air motorboat’ you can’t unsee; another snub on Brookebot Mountain

“Tony ‘air motorboating’ Wynonna…” —Amy in KC, endosred by duranmom, Anthony, Kevin M. Kawa

“I’d like to endorse, but I’m not so sure I want to see a screen grab of that…. ” —Jem H

“Didn’t expect that from our resident gentleman at all! Mixed feelings all around.” —Wiltasurus

“Zendaya feels ‘like a newborn deer who can’t walk’…Annie, we need a Bambi screencap!” —Amy in KC, endorsed by Wiltasaurus

“Carrie Ann’s… collar? Sleeve? Ruby red neck brace? Whatever it is, it’s driving me crazy! ” —kellen, endorsed by Fridgedancer, SpeechTeacher89, Amy in KC

“I loved Carrie Ann pulling her dress top into a hood! I wonder if she practiced that ahead of time? It seemed like a tricky move to attempt live (especially since she’d mentioned at another point that she was popping out of the dress).” —HC_Mills, endorsed by Wiltasaurus, Anthony

“When Zendaya and Val came up the stairs to get their scores, Derek turned a missed high five into a back slap. DENIED!” —ktbanks, endorsed by kellen, Lorie, emily t, Fridgedancer, Cindy

“Sherri Shepherd going berserk over Andy and Sharna’s jazz number! So sweet!” —Wiltasaurus

“Is Eric Roberts studying for next season or is he supporting as a rehab graduate?” —duranmom, endorsed by ktbanks, orville1970, DonnaW, BV, Lorie, Amy in KC

“My not-so hidden gems nomination and truly awesome people award goes to Andy Dick’s former Less Than Perfect co-stars’ presence and emotional support in the ballroom tonight. Well done!” —Lola

“It is official — DWTS jumped the shark.” —Fridgedancer, endorsed by Amy in KC, duranmom, emily t

“It’s just bluefish! Bluefish! Sean, it’s a school of bluefish!” —kellen

NEXT PAGE: Kellie Pickler gets her boobs done (again)

“Jacoby ‘photobombing’ while Sean and Peta talked to Brooke” —Fridgedancer, endorsed by Jem H

“The bun-bangs Peta’s sporting looks like a golden baked potato.” —orville1970, endorsed by Jem H

“Does anyone else think Mark and Aly look like siblings? They have similar facial structure…” —Amy in KC, endorsed by lh64, MissKitty

“Whoa, sparkly hat.” —Fringe Fairy

“Going to commercial, D.L. & Cheryl are gabbing backstage. But the only thing I see is someone behind them vigorously rubbing Kellie’s breasts. The girls are too shiny. Talk about headlights…..CORRECTION: It looks like it was glitter. I guess the girls weren’t shiny enough. How foolish of me to assume otherwise.” —Tkemoses, endorsed by the equally mesmerized kellen, lh64, Kevin M. Kawa, Tay, BronxGirl

“The guy in the audience must have passed on Jacoby’s yellow hat, because sometime later, Dorothy Hamill was seen wearing it.” —Anthony, endorsed by Colleen

“The blue Snitch on Lisa’s hat.” —DarkLordofDance

NEXT PAGE: Battle of the Porn ‘Staches!

“Was that a coffee mug with a mirror ball on it right before the commercial?!  And more importantly, I want one!” —DarkLordofDance

“Cheryl’s cringe when D.L. kissed the side of her face.” —emily t, endorsed by Electronic_Neko, Jenn, Jem H

” Most awkward partner interaction (non-Gosselin category) ever.” —orville1970

“Derek’s porn ‘stache is not as good as Tony’s. I don’t even care that Tony’s was fake.” —emily t, endorsed by Electronic_Neko

“The fact that Derek’s light (saber) started blue but turned red just further proves that he’s evil. ” —kellen, endorsed by ODOG, BV

“Did Tom just call Derek the ‘Happy Jedi’? Sounds like a new nickname for ‘Little Derek’…” —Amy in KC

“Are those upright lasers/glowsticks/whatever in Kellie and Derek’s jazz number the Planet Mirrorballus equivalent of Stonehenge?” —Wiltasaurus, endorsed by Fringe Fairy

“The woman standing behind Tom after Derek and Kellie went up to the celebraquarium had a belt buckle that looked like a tiny golden door that would open up to her belly button. (now that I type that it sounds lame, but a golden door belt buckle seemed gem-worthy at the time.” —Jem H


“Dance floor looked like a giant salad.” —DonnaW, endorsed by Wiltasaurus

“Those 3D mushrooms are the perfect snack for last season’s dinosaur!” —@CindyKay618


Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for this fabulous heap of gems!


Fringe Fairy

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