By Jeff Labrecque
Updated March 25, 2013 at 01:29 PM EDT

World War Z

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“Daddy, what’s martial law?”

This isn’t one of the cute family-fun word games that Brad Pitt’s United Nations’ researcher plays with his wife and two daughters in World War Z. Mankind is sprinting to the apocalyptic finish line in this steroid-zombie action thriller, and the latest trailer recycles plenty of urban mayhem as Pitt attempts to protect his family from hordes of the running dead.

Pitt ultimately leaves them behind to find a cure — perhaps in Russia — but at least now there’s a clue. “I think these things have a weakness,” says Pitt, as the camera dwells on a child who escapes a horrible death by simply crouching still. Eureka! Zombies are like Jurassic Park T-rexs!

Watch the clip below, and then decide if being sucked out of an airplane fuselage is the go-to action sequence of summer 2013.

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World War Z

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