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It’s been four months since NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama Revolution aired a brand new episode. Butexecutive producer Eric Kripke promises the show’s return, which takes place tomorrow, will be worth the wait: “In terms of plot, if the first half of the season was to find Danny, the second half of the season, this war really begins,” he says.

The war, in question, is of course the epic battle brewing between Monroe (David Lyons) — the power-hungry de factor dictator of the Monroe Republic — and, basically, everyone else. On a micro-scale, Monroe has a longstanding feud with his former best friend Miles (Billy Burke), and in a larger scope, Monroe’s rule is being threatened by a group of people who refer to themselves as part of “the resistance.” “It’s about this rag-tag group of rebels up against the evil empire; it’s as fun as that,” Kripke puts it simply.

And this battle for power (buh-dum-bum) is about to get even more fun.

In the second half the season, with Monroe now in possession of an amplifier that can power heavy-duty toys — like helicopters and humvees — the second half of the season is going to be action-packed. “It’s so big,” says Kripke. “It’s action on a level that I’ve truly never seen on network television before.” In tomorrow’s episode, for example, with Miles and Co. on the run, Monroe’s men take to their choppers for a pretty cool chase. “This show is about the characters and it’s about the emotion, and we really keep it grounded, but man, we really blow some s–t up, too,” jokes Kripke.

Things that go boom aside, Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays mother to Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny (Graham Rogers), says tomorrow’s episode will help the audience “gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding.” Just don’t look for the big why the lights went out reveal just yet. That comes in the April 8 episode, as Kripke previously teased. Mitchell says of the reveal, “[Rachel] basically just sits there and tells the entire story. That’s it. Literally, she lays it out. It’s absolutely fun.”

From an acting standpoint, Mitchell says the second half of the season has been just as satisfying as the reveal will be for fans. “It’s kind of like [Kripke] has no fear when it comes to these characters. He’s not trying to make anyone a cookie-cutter [and] not trying to make anyone a traditional this or a traditional that,” she says. “I think I’m consistently surprised by the characters’ development and who these characters turn out to be down the line.”

Among the most surprising character reveals down the line? We’ll find out why Rachel and Miles are on less than friendly terms (“That probably an excellent direction to go in,” Mitchell says with a laugh when asked if their history is romantic), Zac Orth’s Aaron “goes on such an incredible journey” that ends with a face-to-face with his wife, and Neville and his son will find themselves on diverging paths after an “unforgivable schism,” teases to Kripke.

But the big question: Will this perilous world claim the lives of anyone near and dear? “No one is safe,” warns Mitchell. “I think it’s a world that’s incredibly precarious and the deaths and violence will reflect that.”


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