Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart, One Direction, The Hunger Games, Selena Gomez, Victorious, and Katy Perry were all winners at last night’s Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. But that’s not why you were watching, was it? When it comes to the KCA, it’s all about the slime. We were promised a Slime Dunk, a Mega-Slime, and more — and Nick, along with host Josh Duhamel in an array of silly costumes, mostly delivered. social media goddess Nika Vagner and I Vine-capped the whole affair on EW’s Twitter. Below we present, uninterrupted, all the squishy, icky, green-and-gooey goodness. (UPDATE: Check out the


After Pitbull was the night’s first to get the green goop, LA Lakers’ center Dwight Howard found himself in Nick’s slime sights. We suspect it was because he wouldn’t let Duhamel win a dunking contest. As they say, do the crime, pay the slime.

No surprise, ever-game Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris took the second hit of the night as they presented Favorite Movie Actress to Kristen Stewart, who told the fans, “I finally realized my kindergartner self.”

The Hunger Games‘ Josh Hutcherson and Les Misérables‘ Amanda Seyfried — who co-star in this May’s Epic — were surprised to realize they’d be the next ones on the receiving end of a face full o’ slime. As the slugs who pushed the button that unleashed the goo affirmed, “Slime… it’s what we do.”

Gabby Douglas is a gold medalist for her good sense, too, as she avoided a slime-spewin’ pommel horse.

Nick Cannon and Josh Duhamel, in sumo wrestler outfits no less, got the biggest — and final — slime of the night courtesy of The Rock, a.k.a. Favorite Male Buttkicker.

We personally could have stood a little more slime for Duhamel. Who else do you think should have been slimed this year?

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