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I’m a cat person, but this is unforgivable: “spies” at the New York Post are reporting that the understudy for the cat in the on-Broadway Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been fired. “Poor Montie’s been dismissed, and they’re scrambling to have his head shot and bio replaced in the Playbill,” the spy told the paper while a show rep would only tell them, “The production is saddened by Montie’s dismissal and wishes him well.”

What went wrong? Perhaps the role of a cat was a stretch for him? The report says he was being “unruly” and, well, he is a cat, afterall. He may have scratched someone or been caught sleeping on their face. Cats don’t usually get fired — they get yelled at and swatted away and rubbed and fed. In the world of Tiffany’s, though, they may just be the best thing going.

And we are not making this up: The Post also reports that Breakfast’s real feline star, Vito, is now demanding a car and driver.

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