The writer-director-producer has ideas for four more installments — all of them bonkers

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Judd Apatow’s midlife-crisis comedy This Is 40 (2012, 2 hrs., 14 mins., R) explores where Paul Rudd’s Pete and Leslie Mann’s Debbie find themselves at the onset of middle age. But where are they headed next? We asked Apatow, who responded with the following off-the-wall synopses.

? THIS IS 50

Pete goes bald and goes into a coma when his hair-transplant surgery leads to deadly complications. An antibiotics-resistant superbug wreaks havoc on his body, eating his private parts from the inside. Debbie tells him he should have listened and used herbs and not so many antibiotics over the years. Sadie (Maude Apatow) marries Jason (Jason Segel), now a billionaire thanks to his chain of Bodies by Jason gyms.

? THIS IS 60

Pete finally loses his retro record company when the latest Justin Bieber album fails to make the charts. Pete is sent to the hospital for a broken faceplate after Usher coldcocks him for not doing more promo for his man Bieber. Charlotte (Iris Apatow) marries Dr. Kuni, again played by Ken Jeong, and the entire family is enraged, but their love cannot be denied. Charlotte finally gets her Asian baby.

? THIS IS 70

Dr. Kuni dies of a heart attack while delivering Desi’s (Megan Fox) baby. Pete breaks a hip and Debbie refuses to take care of him because he will not stop playing XTC records in their bedroom. Sadie divorces Jason and uses her half of their fortune to create a J.J. Abrams theme park in Branson, Mo.

? THIS IS 80

Pete loses his legs to diabetes but walks better than ever with metal prosthetics. He takes up jogging and ultimately wins the gold at the elderly Olympics. Debbie meets her friend the hockey player (Wyatt Russell) at a Kings game and leaves Pete for good. With modern technology she has another baby and names it after her father, Oliver (John Lithgow). Larry (Albert Brooks), now over a hundred years old, is disgusted: ”At least I was only 60 when I had my kids.”

This Is 40

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  • R
  • 134 minutes
  • Judd Apatow