More songs for your ear buds this week

By EW Staff
March 22, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT


”Bow Down/I Been On”
Billed as two singles, the latest declaration from our Performer-in-Chief is more like a crunked-up half-dance, half-rap trumpet fanfare for Bey’s upcoming fifth solo album, reminding everyone that she’s still ”The number one chick/Ain’t need no hype” — even though she might be the only person on planet Earth right now who doesn’t think that goes without saying. BAdam Markovitz

Selena Gomez
”Rule the World”
She may be shedding her Disney skin in the R-rated Spring Breakers, but Gomez’s quest to forge an identity beyond Bieberdom isn’t getting any help from this personality-free club track, on which she uses her best baby-diva voice for lyrics like ”Forget you ever knew my name.” A few more songs like this, and she might get her wish. C-Adam Markovitz

Pistol Annies
”Hush Hush”
It’s Christmas (timely!) for Miranda Lambert’s sassy posse, and the girls’ idea of respite from the family is to go get high behind the barn and burrow into a blues groove more honky-tonk-friendly than a mechanical bull. B+Kyle Anderson


This is chemically pure pop-rock: flavorless, transparent — and potent enough to melt your resistance like battery acid. Go ahead, roll your eyes at the generic tagline lyrics (”I’ll be the dawn on your worst night”); just do yourself a favor and close them when you get to the soaring, evangelical choruses of prescription-strength goose-bump inducers like ”Feel Again” and ”If I Lose Myself.” A-Adam Markovitz