The image isn't new. The messaging isn't new either. But Yoko Ono decided this week — on the 44th anniversary of her marriage to John Lennon — to use the disturbing image of Lennon's bloodied glasses, which were removed from his person after he was shot in December 1980, to help wage a campaign for peace. She took to social media to get the message out.

In a series of tweets to her almost 3.7 million followers, she passed along statistics on domestic gun deaths and missives on how it is hurting the country – occasionally tweeting directly to media personalities such as Piers Morgan and Michael Moore.

The image was first used on the cover of her 1981 album Season of Glass, but in that image they were next to a glass of (half filled?) water. It remains striking and powerful today; whether or not it adds any impact to the gun control debate is another question.

Take a look at some of the tweets below and let us know what you think.

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