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Sexy Evil Genius

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer alums Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg never shared the screen on the WB cult hit (Green departed the show before Trachtenberg’s first appearance), but nearly 10 years after the show’s finale, we now get to see them together.

The upcoming movie Sexy Evil Genius stars both Green and Trachtenberg, and a clip from the dark comedy starring the pair hit the web today.

Sexy Evil Genius boasts a geektastic cast where the worlds of Buffy, Lost, and Battlestar Galactica combine. Katee Sackhoff and Harold Perrineau also star, along with everyone’s favorite ’80s nerd, Anthony Michael Hall. The movie is about a group of guys lured to a downtown Los Angeles bar by the ex-girlfriend (Sackhoff) they all have in common.

In the new clip from the film, Trachtenberg’s and Green’s characters duck into a bathroom to frantically discuss a recent turn of events related to said ex-girlfriend. There’s plenty of adorable bumbling from Green and plenty of deadpanning from Trachtenberg. And there’s another fun surprise at the end of the clip — if there are any Dawn/Oz shippers out there who believed these two could have had some chemistry if they were only given the chance, watch the video below:

Sexy Evil Genius debuts via DVD, digital download and VOD release on Tuesday, April 9.

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Sexy Evil Genius

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